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группа Arundel Jeff, Аккорды песни Harmon Killebrew

Группа: Arundel Jeff - другие аккорды (1)
Аккорды песни: Harmon Killebrew
Просмотров: 1974

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 1995 17:04:49 +0000
From: jhiggins@isbe.state.il.us (Joe Higgins)

Artist:  Jeff Arundel
Disc:  Ride the Ride
Title of song:  Harmon Killebrew
Transcribed by Joe Higgins
e-mail:  jhiggins@isbe.state.il.us.

Ride The Ride

I find this song a bit tricky, but it carries so much emotion it is worth
the work to make up an arrangement of it.  the recording makes heavy use of
piano with   electric guitar embellishments, so this acoustic version
attempts to capture the feel of those instruments.  You really do not need
the fancy E and F#m7 chords, but the forms here do give the song the feel
of the original.  I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who gives this a try.
I tend to submit stuff from rather obscure artists and I oftenwonder if
anyone else actually enjoys playing it.

E*: 022404        F#m7/E:  007605   (both use all 6 strings)

D* : XX0235       D-5: XX0234   Dmaj7add9: XX0220

G9:  300203

Intro:  E*-F#m*,F#m*-E*,E*-F#m*, D*-D-5-D

E*                  F#m7/E*
Thinkin' back to another time
D            E
4th of July '69
E*                            F#m7
I dropped the top on the Pontiac
         D* D-5   Dmaj7add9
And we drove on down
E*           F#m7/E*
Down Cedar Avenue
D                       E
To the place where the home runs flew
           E*              F#m7/E
We had a few miles left to go
          D                       E
I heard Halls  and Hawk on the radio
C#m                 D
And even with the volume down
C#m                    D
So near that I could hear that sound
         F#m   C#m   D
Of that rumble in the air

F#      C#                E             B
Harmon Killabrew did you ever get my letter
F#   C#         A        E         B
Ten pages of clear blue sky
F#      C#     A         E
Green diamond days gone by
G9      D
Wonder Why
Bm               E             Am7   D      to intro
Those days are going, going, gone. gone

2nd verse chords are the same except for one line*

I used to hate to hear my dad complain
About the way the world has changed
Now I find that I'm doin' the same
As the years go by
I went back to the praire to the diamond ground
One last look before they tore it down
They put up a mall with a merry go round
D (for entire line)
Like there ain't enough shopping malls in this town*
Someone one turn the volume down
I just want to hear the sound
Of those Sundays after noon

REFRAIN replace last line with:
Bm                            E
Those days are going, going, gone

Bridge follows refrain chords except at the last line:
Bm -E and then go right into Coda

F#      C#               E           B
Harmon Killabrew did you ever get my letter
F#   C#      A          E
Ten pages of clear blue sky
F#      C#           E                  B
Harmon Killabrew I need things to get better
B/G#             C#          F#m    B
These days are going, going, gone, gone

Ending:   C#-B, B-C#,C#-B-C#

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