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группа Limp Bizkit, Табулатура песни Break Stuff

Группа: Limp Bizkit - другие аккорды (11),   диски (5),   фотографии (44)
Табулатура песни: Break Stuff
Просмотров: 2004
Подобрал: Юрий (saxion@xaker.ru)

Break Stuff

Try, to tune to the album, and then use a guitar 
tuner.  It should say you runed to a C#, 
if nopt just drop D tune. 
( If not tuned properly, it might come out hacked.  
It's tuned drop D tuning from  
standard tuning.  If you can you might wanna tune to 
the album.) 
*-" Wes Opens up with this heavy kickin' riff" 
*-This riff is more bassy then others.  Play this in a 
heavy semi- deathmetal distortion. 
or turn your tone knob to the middle or a little 
*- Intro/Verse Riff 
" It's just one of them days when you don't wanna wake 
*-Play play this as an intro as tabed, then as needed 
until you get to the chorus. 
*-Chorus Riff 
"It's all about the he says, she says bullshit.." 
*-This riff is played as the intro/verse is, BUT there 
a palm mute on a certain note. 
We indicate this palm mute with this symbol. (PM). 
Play this 2x then go to the next chorus.. 
*-Intro/verse riff 

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*-Played the same way." "It's just one of those days. feelin like a freight train" *- Play into the chorus again. ----------------------------------- -(0:57)- *-Chorus riff. " It's all about the he says, she says bullshit.." *- Play this part into this next new piece. --------------------------- -(1:14)- *-Bridge Riff *- Played the same way as all the others. This piece though is played completely palm muted. "I feel like shit.." e||---------------------|| b||---------------------|| g||---------------------|| d||--2-----2------2-----|| a||--0--1--0---1--0--1--|| c||-----1------1-----1--|| *- This part is played into the outro riff AT.. ----------------------------- -(2:00)- *-Outro Riff. "Give me somethin' to break" e||-----------------------------|| b||-----------------------------|| g||-----------------------------|| d||-2----------2----------2-----|| a||-0--1-0--1--0--1-0--1--0--1--|| c||----1-0--1-----1-0--1-----1--|| *- This part is played into the chorus. Play as many times as needed until you get to.. ----------------------------- -(2:28)- *-Chorus Riff. Play as did b-4.. " It's all about the he says, she says bullshit.." *- Play this until.. -(2:45)- *-End the song here in entirety. *- All these tabs are tabed to the best of my ability. If you see or think there are any errors, Mail me at JeffMan12@yahoo.com, or IM me with an instant messanger or such at JeffYBoyY0. I tried my best with this.

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