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группа Anthrax, Аккорды песни Bare

Группа: Anthrax - другие аккорды (14)
Аккорды песни: Bare
Просмотров: 2454

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Date: Fri, 8 Mar 1996 13:33:10 +0100
From: Gerald OLIVER 

				artist: ANTHRAX
				lp:     STOMP 442
				song:   BARE



    C5#(IX)	A(V)	 E	 F#	 G5 	 G#

e|--9-------- --5----- --0---- --2---- --3---- --4----
S|--9-------- --5----- --0---- --2---- --3---- --4----
G|--9-------- ---6---- ---1--- --2---- --3---- --4----
D|----11----- ----7--- ----2-- ----4-- ----5-- ----6--
A|----11----- ----7--- ----2-- ----4-- ----5-- ----6--
E|--9-------- --5----- --0---- --2---- --3---- --4----


-|   0   0       0 (  H   H  )
-|  0   0    0  0  ( / \ / \ )
-| 0   0   0   0   (0   0   0) (0/sl/0)

The Song:

           	C5#(IX)			       A(V)	
	       *Standing on some dooted        line.
		Reacting to the hands of       Time.
		A circumstance that i've been  fed.
		Leaving questions in my        head.

   		FA#				A(V)
   	       *Find the space that was left   bare.
   		An empty space i'd gladly      share.
   		C5#(IX)   A(V)	E     C5#(IX)   A(V)  E
   		One must live while... one must-ust  die.
   	   V#2: (like #1)
   	       *Combined paired up for so many    years.
   	   	Unsure if i realy want to shed a  tear.
   	   	Signing off is always so clearly  done.
   	   	A number 2 is now reduced to      one.
   		C5#(IX)            A(V)              E              FA#
   	       *When your clock is up               and you rest for good.
   		I will cut off my arm-piece  just like we agreed we would.
   	       *one must While the other argues that the world is fair.
   		But then who ever promised anybody equals share.
   		You might as well forget what you gambled on.
   		cause plans never go by the way they're drawn___________
   		C5#(IX)	 A(V)	 G5
   		One must-ust di_________ie
   		Good bye  (G5       FA5#    E)x2           (rythme: || /| /|/| )
    Metal end: 	
    		G5       FA5#    E                         (rythme: || | || )
    	       *I can't say goodbye
    		  G5		     FA5#	E5         (rythme: ||/| /| /|| )
    		It's all i can do to get up every morning
    		     G5		   FA5#   E5
    		(and) when all else fails I try.
    		G5                 FA5#       E5
    		To face myself and everything else
    		G5            FA5#     E5      G5       FA5#     E5
    		But mostly... I wonder why_________
    		(2 times)	
    		(Fluzzy end ...)

NB: This song is played with 2 guitars and got severals added rift.
    As I only got two hands, I won't gonna work on that rift :((
    But if you got then mail it to me!!
    The fluzzy end is not important...don't know why they record that ?#@!
    Tell what you think about this tab...mostly about the chords
    I would be happy to work on another version...
    Bye and see you


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