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группа Smith Elliott, Аккорды песни Waltz #2

Группа: Smith Elliott - другие аккорды (5),   фотографии (1)
Аккорды песни: Waltz #2
Просмотров: 844
Подобрал: Badtimes (indiespace@akkords.ru)

Waltz #2 (XO)
Elliott Smith
Tune down one step
Chords used:
Am:      x02210
C:       x32010
F:       xx3211
D7/F#:   2x0212
G:       320003
Bm:      x24432
Dm:      xx0231
F9:      1x3213
G/B      x20003
E7:      020100
Bsus:    x24400
Am (4 bars)
Play this two times:
 Am      C    F   C    F      C   G    C
When you get to the last C the second time through, this is played:
Verse 1:
Am                    C
First the mic then a half cigarette
F        D7/F#   G
Singing cathy\'s clown
            Dm                  Am
That\'s the man she\'s married to now
Bsus                     E7
That\'s the girl that he takes around town
       Am                   C
She appears composed so she is i suppose
F        D7/F#  G
Who can really tell
     Dm                 Am
She shows no emotion at all
 Bsus                     E7
Stares into space like a dead china doll

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Chorus: Am C F C F C G Am I\'m never gonna know you now, but i\'m gonna love you anyhow Repeat intro (as it\'s played the second time through) Verse 2: Am C Now she\'s done and they\'re calling someone F D7/F# G Such a familiar name Dm Am I\'m so glad that my memory\'s remote Bsus E7 Cos i\'m doing just fine hour to hour note to note Am C Here it is the revenge to the tune F D7/F# G You\'re no good Dm Am You\'re no good, you\'re no good, you\'re no good Bsus E7 Can\'t you tell that it\'s well understood Repeat chorus Dm F9 C G/B Am I\'m here today and expected to stay on and on and on Dm I\'m tired F I\'m tired Verse 3: Am C Looking out on the substitute scene F D7/F# G Still going strong Dm Am XO mom Bsus E7 It\'s okay its alright nothing\'s wrong Am C Tell mr. Man with impossible plans F D7/F# G To just leave me alone Dm Am In the place where i make no mistakes Bsus E7 In the place where i have what it takes Repeat chorus 3 times and play chorus chords once, ending on C

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