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группа Cannibal Corpse, Аккорды песни Vomit The Soul

Группа: Cannibal Corpse - другие аккорды (13),   о группе (5 статей),   диски (10),   фотографии (14)
Аккорды песни: Vomit The Soul
Просмотров: 1156
Прислал: RЫсЯ (d_l_k@inbox.ru)

Grotesque, crippled, carved up carcass
Evil controlling my mind, the fear of dying expired of life, to vomit the soul
I am dead within my self
The end a beginning to a new life in hell
I am your path to ever-lasting pain mass extinction of the human population
Son of the devil the evil incarnation
Maniacal mass murderer mutilating mortals,
the child born unto evil, trapped within the statue of flesh
Vipers travel through bodily orifices, blessed by the Devil under inverted crosses,
religious ways, lies controlling minds
I walk among mortal beings, but I have died
Excavating graves I search for decay packs of flesh driven zombies ready to feast
I suffer forever living only to dismember
Open season on humans, laughing I watch them die, they bleed so easily
Their blood flows through my body, I need to taste the flesh exposing pulsing arteries
Removing vital organs
Not stopping till you\'ve died
Puts from your eyes carnal ways indulge in the gore
Slaughtered you lie in a pile of warm guts
Constricted corpusles coagulating blood my drug a slave to its taste,
reincarnated to human form, creating a race of immortal beings,
rot away dead bodies, set a flame
Searing flesh, broken necks

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You can\'t kill what already dead De-evoulution, hunting for life Cannibalism, immortality rip and slash A society of mass murder Bleeding slow I take away your life, and leave you lying cold, decapitated body Searching for its head Anticipate apocalypse, rising dead dismembering Hacking limbs bleeding, cracking ribs Torture us Blessed by the devil, under inverted crosses Religious ways, lies controlling minds I walk among mortal beings, but I have died Excavating graves Desolate Empty hollow corpse, desecrate forced To eat your flesh Extracting purity violat Twisted bodies, rot away

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