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группа Cannibal Corpse, Аккорды песни Innards Decay

Группа: Cannibal Corpse - другие аккорды (13),   о группе (5 статей),   диски (10),   фотографии (14)
Аккорды песни: Innards Decay
Просмотров: 927
Подобрал: RЫсЯ (d_l_k@inbox.ru)


Rotting alive
Tearing my way through the meat
Driven to kill, my brain twitching for guts
Devoted to evil
Severed arteries gush
Hungry for the blood
Life is to decay
Victims meet my blade, carving out organs
A world of pain and terror
Visions of the future
Premonition of the evil, forthcoming eve of darkness
The chosen one will come
Eyes torn out bodies cut in half
Twisted corpses hang from broken necks
Demented madman
Unholy rampage
Impaled cranium beginning to drain
Sodomize the carcass, chew the anal rot
Sewn within the body the dark becomes my light
Live inside the shell
Feed upon infection
At one with the dead
I rip my way through
Easy prey, disfigured bodies decompose
Chewed limbs drip with pus, intestinal strangulation
Humans left ripped apart
Lap up the dripping goo

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Wretched chunks of bleeding flesh Internally you rot away My need to kill Induced by hate, betrayal of trusted ones My mark left on this earth, victims of my slaughter Souls of my dead, murdered by my Hand Blood on my face, innards decay Snapping necks chewing flesh Insatiable thirst For blood Slicing throats viciously uncontrollable insanity Tear out the beating heart Engulf the quivering spleen, chew the meat Death is my life Life is to decay victims Meet my blade carving out organs, a world of pain And terror, visionsof the future Premonition of the evil Forthcoming, eve of darkness Eyes torn out bodies cut in half Twisted corpses hang From broken necks, demented madman unholy rampage Impaled cranium beginning to drain

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