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группа Allman Greg, Аккорды песни Wasted Words

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Аккорды песни: Wasted Words
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Title:			WASTED WORDS			(Gregg Allman)

	Can you tell me, tell me, friend, just exactly where I've been

	Is that so  much to ask?  I'll pay you back no matter what the task

	D                                             A
	You seem really sure 'bout something I don't know,
	D                                               A
	take that load off, looks like chest's about to go.

	E                                     D                           A
	Your wasted words already been heard, are you really God, yes or no?

	Well, all day and half the night you're walkin' round lookin' such a fright.

	Is it me  or is it you? I'd make a wager and I'd hope you lose.

	D                                         A
	Time's gone, looks like Rome is 'bout to fall,
	D                                         A
	next time take the elevator, please don't crawl.

	E                            D                            A
	Your wasted words so absurd, are you really Satan, yes or no?

	Well, I ain't no saint and you sure as hell ain't no savior,

	every other Christman I would practice good behavior.

	That was then, this is now, don't ask me to be mister clean,

	'cause baby, I don't know how.

	D                                            A
	Ring my phone 'bout ten more times, we will see,
	D                                    D
	find that broke down line and let it be.

	E                                       D                              A
	Your wasted words wiill never be heard, go on home baby and watch it on TV.
	E                            D                                A
	Weekday soap-box speciality, you know what I'm talkin' 'bout now,
	E                                D          A
	by the way, this song's for you, sincerely, me.

\_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_ 

    \_\_\_      \_      \_                  Glen Macon 
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    \_   \_\_\_    \_  \_  \_   Commodore doesn't endorce what I say, I do
     \_       \_    \_      \_           Who wants to know...
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	 \_\_\_       \_      \_    
 \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_  \_

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain.


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