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группа Wilco, Табулатура песни Remember The Mountain Bed

Группа: Wilco - другие аккорды (89),   диски (6),   фотографии (7)
Табулатура песни: Remember The Mountain Bed
Просмотров: 1475
Подобрал: Adam Splitek


Standard tuning, Capo 3, all chords and notes in relation to the capo.

here are the chords:
  D/F#  Asus      G      Bm     Em     C
e -2-----0--------3-------2-----0------0-------------------------------------
B -3-----3--------3-------3-----0------1-------------------------------------
G -2-----2--------0-------4-----0------0-------------------------------------
D -0-----2--------0-------4-----2------2-------------------------------------
A -x-----0--------2-------2-----2------3-------------------------------------
E -2-----x--------3-------x-----0------x-------------------------------------

I divided the solo into four parts, listen to the record and it will make 

fill 1:
e ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
D -2h4--4--4--2--0--0h2--5-4-2--0h2--0-------0---0---------------------------
A --------------------------------------0h2------0---------------------------
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
fill 2:
e ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ----4-4-4-4-4--2--0--------------------------------------------------------
D -0-------------------2h4--0------------------------------------------------
A -----------------------------0h2--0--4h5--5--------------------------------
E ---------------------------------------------0h2--4h5--5-------------------
fill 3:
e ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
G -6h7--7--7b9r7--11--9b11r9--7--0--0--0-------------------------------------
D ----------------------------------0--0--4--2---0---------------------------
A --------------------------------------------------0h2----------------------
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
fill 4:
e ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
D -2h4--4--4--0--0h2--0------0------0-2-0--------0---------------------------
A -----------------------2-------0h2--------0----0---------------------------
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Here is how you should play it, the chord pattern continues throughout 
the song.

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D/F# Asus G Do you still sing of the mountain bed we made of limbs and leaves G D/F# Asus Do you still sigh there near the sky where the holly berry bleeds Bm G Em G You laughed as I covered you over with leaves, face, breast, hips and thighs, D/F# C Em G D/F# You smiled when I said the leaves were just the color of your eyes. (fill 1-4) Rosin smells and turpentine smells from eucalyptus and pine Bitter tastes of twigs we chewed where tangled woodvines twine Trees held us in on all four sides so thick we could not see I could not see any wrong in you, and you saw none in me. (fill 4) Your arm was brown against the ground, your cheeks part of the sky, As your fingers played with grassy moss, and limber did you lie: Your stomach moved beneath your shirt and your knees were in the air Your feet played games with mountain roots as you lay thinking there. Below us the trees grew clumps of trees, raised families of trees, and they As proud as we tossed their heads in the wind and flung good seeds away The sun was hot and the sun was bright down in the valley below Where people starved and hungry for life so empty come and go. There in the shade and hid from the sun we freed our minds and learned Our greatest reason for being here, our bodies moved and burned There on our mountain bed of leaves we learned life's reason why The People laugh and love and dream, they fight, they hate to die. The smell of your hair I know is still there, if most of our leaves are blown, Our words still ring in the brush and the trees where singing seeds are sown Your shape and form is dim, but plain, there on our mountain bed I see my life was brightest where you laughed and laid your head... (fill 4) I learned the reason why man must work and how to dream big dreams, To conquer time and space and fight the rivers and the seas I stand here filled with my emptiness now and look at city and land And I know why farms and cities are built by hot, warm, nervous hands. I crossed many states just to stand here now, my face all hot with tears, I crossed city, and valley, desert, and stream, to bring my body here: My history and future blaze bright in me and all my joy and pain Go through my head on our mountain bed where I smell your hair again. All this day long I linger here and on in through the night My greeds, desires, my cravings, hopes, my dreams inside me fight: My loneliness healed, my emptiness filled, I walk above all pain Back to the breasts of my woman and child to scatter my seeds again. (fill 4) end on D/F#

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