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группа W.A.S.P., Табулатура песни Forever Free (2)

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Табулатура песни: Forever Free (2)
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Подобрал: Judas (killer@bk.ru)

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Author/Artist: W.A.S.P.
Title: Forever Free
Album: The Headless Children
Type: Guitar Tablature
Transcribed by: Tobias Jakobsson
Email: adb96tja@mail.student.hk-r.se
#- Distributed by the site Chainsaw Charlie - http://wasptabs.planetaclix.pt  -#
			   Forever Free (Lawless) 4:07
		   - Tabulature by Tobias Jakobsson 96-12-04 -
||:G  |F  |C  :||
Riff A    *when parentets bass only
||G  *(F#)|Em  |D  |C (B)(A)||
||: Riff A :||
G			  Em
I ride all alone and cant see,
D			C
the road to nowhere anymore.
G				 Em
And shadows whispers are calling me,  
   D			    C

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to forbidden forests by the shore. D C And there she fell, deep in the night. D C One breath away from heavens light. D C And she's said - Dont cry for me, I'm leaving you. VERSE 2 G Em The wind cries her name in the breeze, D C but I cant hold her anymore. G Em Some fallen angel had come to me, D C and fell to heavy on my soul. D (distortion) C D And stole from me the love that I heard C Lords of time say never die D C And she said - Dont cry for me because I'll be.... CHORUS G F C Riding the wind Forever Free. G F C High in the wind forever free. G F C I'll ride the wind forever free. G F C High in the wind forever free. Em Forever Free...... Solo part I ||:Em |G :|| STICK Em G Forever in my hearts a fire, a fire burning. Em G I wake up nights and here her crying, crying my name. Solo part II ||:Em |G |D |C :|| (I'm not so sure about this part!) ||:G |F |C :|| CHORUS Repeat chorus chords and fade out.

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