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группа W.A.S.P., Табулатура песни The Headless Children (2)

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Табулатура песни: The Headless Children (2)
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Подобрал: Judas (killer@bk.ru)

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
Author/Artist: W.A.S.P.
Title: The Headless Children
Album: The Headless Children
Type: Guitar Tablature
Transcribed by: Martin Karlsson
Email: gibson_sg61@hotmail.com
#- Distributed by the site Chainsaw Charlie - http://wasptabs.planetaclix.pt  -#
Original source for this tablature: http://medlem.tripodnet.nu/Killahead/

Song: 		The headless children
Performer:	W.A.S.P.
Album: 		The headless children (1989)
Tab written by: Martin Karlsson (gibson_sg61@hotmail.com). 
Comments, questions but most important, corrections are welcomed
Tune down Ѕ step (one fret)
This is one forgotten song in rock history. It should be up there with
Highway to hell, Paradise city, Master of puppets etc. But it's not. 
Perhaps that makes it even better, we know something they don't.
It's a cool riff aswell, Fig 4 is not right, but that's not that important.
Blackie Lawless for president!!! WASP NATION = THE ONLY NATION! !!
Fig 1							End
   E  B  E  G	  G   A		E  B  E	 G		E
Chorus riff
Fig 2						     End	
   E		     A   G    E	    D	E   G	   A	
Fig 3						   End
   G   D   E     G   D   E     D    E      D    B		
Beginning of solo				     Chords during the solo
Riff 1						     Fig 4
  					         D    E    D

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E:--------------------------------------------------|-----------| End of song Fig 5 E D E G F# E e:-----------------------|------| B:-----------------------|------| G:-9---9--7---9--12--11--|-9----| D:-9---9--7---9--12--11--|-9----| A:-7---7--5---7--10--9---|-7----| E:-----------------------|-0----| 4x-------------------| Riff like this: Intro: Fig 1 8x Fig 2 4x Verse: N.C. Pre-chorus: Fig 3 Chorus: Fig 2 4x Verse: N.C. Pre-chorus: Fig 3 Chorus: Fig 2 4x Solo: Riff 1 4x Fig 4 (There are chords, and these are two of them, but when?? You tell me) Riff 1 4x End of song: Fig 5 Lyrics: Father come save us from this madness we're under God of creation are we blind? Cause some here are slaves that worship guns that spit thunder The children that you've made have lost their minds This monster that we call the earth is bleeding Cause the children have been left alone too long This thing that we've made is fat and feeds on the hate Of the millions that it's taught to sing the song The Headless Children The screams that fill the night, fill the night, fill the night, fill the night The Headless Children The madness steals the light, steals the light, steals the light, steals the light Timebombs in the hands of all the wicked war babies Light the fuse of temptation and we all burn Four horsemen sit high up in the saddle And waiting and ride the bloody trail of no return Sleeping in the arms of a nightmare And wake to find we've been away too long This Frankenstein of flesh stitched together back from death And preying on the souls of everyone The Headless Children The screams that fill the night, fill the night, fill the night, fill the night The Headless Children The madness steals the light, steals the light, steals the light, steals the light

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