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группа Wilco, Аккорды песни The Unwelcome Guest

Группа: Wilco - другие аккорды (89),   диски (6),   фотографии (7)
Аккорды песни: The Unwelcome Guest
Просмотров: 1049
Подобрал: Howie Wang (howie_wang@hotmail.com)

       C                 am       F            C
To the rich man's bright lodges I ride in this wind
C                  am          D           G
On my good horse I call you my shiny Black Bess
       C            am
To the playhouse of fortune
   F               C
to take the bright silver
    C             am         F        C
and gold you have taken from somebody else

    C        am            F          C
and as we go riding in the damp foggy midnight 
    C              am            D            G
you snort, my good pony, and you give me your best
        C           am         F  
for you know, and I know, good horse,
'monst the rich ones
    C          am          F         C
how oftimes we go there an unwelcome guest
     C          am            F          C
I've never took food from the widows and orphans
    C       am           D     G
and never a hard working man I oppressed
   C              am
so take your pace easy,
    F              C
for home soon like lightning
   C            am         F           F
we soon will be riding, my shiny black Bess
   C              am       F        C
no fat rich man's pony can ever overtake you
    C             am             D           G
and there's not a rider from the east to the west
      C          am
could hold you a light 
        F             C  
in this dark mist and midnight
         C          am
when the potbellied thieves 

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F C chase the unwelcome guest C am I don't know good horse F C as we trot in this dark here C am D G that robbing the rich is for worse or for best C am F C they take it by stealing and lying and gambling C am F C and I take it my way, my shiny Black Bess C am F C I treat horses good and I'm friendly to strangers C am D G I ride and your running makes my guns talk the best C am and the rangers and deputies F C are hired by the rich man C am F C to catch me and hang me, my shining Black Bess C am F Yes, they'll catch me napping one day C and they'll kill me C am D G and then I'll be gone but that won't be my end C am F C For my guns and my saddle will always be filled C am F C by unwelcome travellers and other brave men C am F C and they'll take the money and spread it out equal C am D G Just like the bible and the prophets suggest C am F C but the men that go riding to help these poor workers C am F C the rich will cut down like an unwelcome guest

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