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группа Wilco, Аккорды песни I Guess I Planted

Группа: Wilco - другие аккорды (89),   диски (6),   фотографии (7)
Аккорды песни: I Guess I Planted
Просмотров: 1587
Подобрал: Justin Voss (voss@lclark.edu)

[Verse 1]
[E]		[F#m]
I guess I planted some long lonesome seed of a song
[C#m]    [Bm]		[A]
Way down inside me long ago
[E]		         [F#m]
And now I can't remember when it was
[C#m]		[Bm]		[A]
But it joined up with the rest of them and grows
[E]		    [A]
It's such a little song it don't compare
[E]		    [A]
With all your big ones you hear everywhere
[E]	    	 	[C#m]	[B]	
But when it dawns way in the back of your mind
 [C#m]             [Bm]		[A]
The big ones are made up of the little kind
[Chorus 2x]
[E]   [A]   [E]	   [A]
Union Song. Union Battled.
[E]   [C#m]        [F#m]    	       [E]
All added up. Won us all what we got now.

[Verse 2- same chords as Verse 1]
I can't even start to look around here
Without hearing this song
And seeing all of us first seperated,

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Hurt, apart and afraid And hungry for the union And so we kept on Singing and working, fighting till we got it. And this is the big union song I guess I hear. [Chorus 2x] [Bridge] [A] [G#] [F#m] [E] [Solo over Verse part] We fought there at your place We fought there on your ship And I guess if you missed out on The fight for our union, You missed out on one awful big step Us people took. [Chorus with "na na"s] [Chorus with words]

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