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группа Radiohead, Аккорды песни The National Anthem

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    Группа: Radiohead - другие аккорды (189),   о группе (6 статей),   диски (9),   фотографии (134)
    Аккорды песни: The National Anthem
    Просмотров: 1820
    Прислал: Whipper (indiespace@narod.ru)

    First off I've broken the song into segments so as to get some organized 
    format for this very un-organized song. I've only tabbed up until the end of 
    the 2nd verse, then the brass starts and it's pretty pointless tabbing all 
    that. What I've tabbed out is Jonnys martenot for the keyboard and guitar.  
    I'm using the same piano instructions as normal.  I will put the note and 
    then the number 1,2 or 3 in conjuction so as to tell you where on the 
    keyboard to hit the note.
    i.e A2 means hit the A note in section 2.
        section 1                  section 2                section3
      C#DEbEFF#GAbABbC           C#DEbEFF#GAbABbC       C#DEbEFF#GAbABbC
                     *middle C
    For the guitar note I will put it in brackets next to the keyboard note. I 
    will put the string and fret number.
    So  A2 (G14)  means the piano is the A key in section 2 and the note for the 
    guitar would be played on the G string on the 14th fret.
    Here is the main bass riff played over and over throughout the song.
    I've organized the song by numbering it, each number represents every time 
    the main riff is played. Any note under that number shows where and when 
    Jonny plays the martenot.
    1     bass riff starts up
    3     drums kick in
       D2 (A5)
    5    drums stop for a half measure and then kick back in
    A3 (G14)
      Bb3 (G15)
    A3 (G14)   G3 (G12)
    F#3 (G11)
    D3 (G7)
    Bb2 (G3)   G2 (G-open)
    F#2 (D4)   A2 (G2)
      F2 (D3)      A2   (G2)     E2 (D2)
    D2 (D-open)    A3 (G14)
    Bb3 (G15)    G3 (G12)
    A3 (G14)  F#3 (G11)
      Bb3 (G15)     G3 (G12)
      A3 (G14)   F#3 (G11)
      F3  (G10)
      E3 (G9)
    20    Verse 1
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    everyone everyone 21 around here everyone is 22 so near it's holding on 23 it's holding on 24 A3 (G14) F#3 (G11) 25 Bb3 (G15) G3 (G12) 26 A3 (G14) F#3 (G11) 27 Bb3 (G15) G3 (G12) 28 Verse 2 and everyone everyone is 29 so near everyone 30 stop the fear it's holding on 31 it's holding on 32 Brass enters , Jonny's martenot plays the same thing that was played after Verse 1 _________________________________________________________________________ Radiohead - Kid A 'The National Anthem' bassline Tabbed by Aaron Heisler (gravitygrave_resident@yahoo.com) Joey Gallagher's tab is pretty good but says you have to tune the bass drop D - this is unnecessary...you can actually play it just about anywhere on the bass without a major change in tuning...anyway this concentrates specifically on bass.... This song has a terrific jazzy feel to it. Colin's bassline is quite simple and rather repetitive, so here it is! (I've tabbed it for five string and four string basses; if you have a four string, play it on the D string, but if you have a five string, you can go an octave lower and use the E and B.) This song is very similar to another I've heard by someone else but I just can't put my finger on it :) (Maybe the Two Lone Swordsmen mix of Spiritualized's 'Come Together'?) Anyway if you would like to make a comment or correction, or just to chat, send me a mail! :) Rhythm is fairly strict 4/4 time (phew!). Ok: Five string: E 2-----2---2-1-----1---1- B -3-3-3-3-3-3--3-3-3-3-3-3 the national anthem - bass Four string: D 4-0-0-0-4-0-0-4-0-3-0-0-0-3-0-0-3-0 etc...

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