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группа H.I.M., Аккорды песни Funeral Of Hearts

Группа: H.I.M. - другие аккорды (273),   о группе (2 статей),   диски (5),   фотографии (82)
Аккорды песни: Funeral Of Hearts
Просмотров: 5833
Подобрал: Lily (muzika-1@yandex.ru)

H.I.M. "Funeral of hearts" *****
(Новый CD)
I'm not a really good guitar player... But i decided to publish my version of
this new HIM's song... Please, don't blame me if there are any mistakes! :) 
Enjoy it!
Am         G              C
She was the sun shinin' upon
F                 Am         G        Am    G
A tomb of your hopes and dreams so frail...
Am            G           C
He was the moon painting you
F                  Am     G        Am
With its glove so volnerable and pail
G          Am             G
Love's the funeral of hearts
           F    C   G
And an ode for cruelty
Am                 G
When angels cry blood
               F        C G
On flowers of evil in bloom
  Am             G
The funeral of hearts...
       F     C G
And before mercy
Am              G
When love is a gun
  F                 C  G     Am
Separating me from you...
She was the wind carring in
All the troubles and fears

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Been for years Trying to forget He was the fire, Restless and wild And you were Like a moth to the flame Repeat chorus. Am G C Been ready seen beyond devine Dm Am Pray to God as deaf and blind G C The last night souls on fire Dm Am G Dreaming words and a question "Why?" Repeat chorus but here we go one tone up: Bm A Love's the funeral of hearts G D A And an ode for cruelty Bm A When angels cry blood G D A On flowers of evil in bloom The funeral of hearts And before mercy When love is a gun Ceparating me from you... Repeat the 1st part of the chorus... That's it! :)

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