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группа Moments, Аккорды песни Love On A Two Way Street

Группа: Moments - другие аккорды (1)
Аккорды песни: Love On A Two Way Street
Просмотров: 750


#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE--------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the#
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.#
This is the Moments' version from 1970.  Someone else remade it later,
but as I recall the chord progression was somewhat different.

The chords given are a composite of all the instruments, backing vocals,
etc. - the actual guitar part is simpler.

                       "Love On A Two-Way Street"
                           (Sylvia Robinson)

Intro: (piano chords, eighth-notes):

        F               /E  Bbmaj7               A7sus4     A7
        / / / /  / / / /      / / / /  / / / /     / / / /  / / / /


                Gmaj7              F#m7
        I found love on a two-way street (I found love)
           Gmaj7          A     Dmaj7
        And lost it on a lonely highway
        Gmaj7              F#m7
        Love on a two-way street (I found love)
            Em7           A      D       Dmaj9
        And lost it on a lonely highway

Verse 1:

        Dmaj7                   Am7/D
        True love    will never last
        So I've been told
        But now I must find
          F#m7 Em7        /A    Dmaj9
        It is finally goodbye, I know, mmm

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Refrain: Gmaj7 With music softly playing Em7 A7 Her lips were gently saying Dmaj7 [2: Honey] I love you Gmaj7 She held me in desperation F#m7 I thought it was a revelation E7sus4 E7 A7sus4 A7 And then she walked out Bridge: Am7/D Gmaj7 How could I be so blind Am7/D Gmaj7 To give up love the very first time Am7/D Gmaj7 To be fooled is a hurting thing Am7/D F To be loved and fooled is a crying shame /E Bbmaj7 While I bear the blame A7sus4 A7 And she laughs my name [repeat refrain] [repeat chorus; fade] -- another ace 70's tab from Andrew Rogers

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