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группа Mlod, Аккорды песни Memories

Группа: Mlod - другие аккорды (1)
Аккорды песни: Memories
Просмотров: 1348


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Song: Memories from the ground breaking debut ablum Manure by Semen Hole's
      finest band M'lod!...uhm something like that....anyway....

This a really simply song. And it really doesn't need to be tabbed. 
So I'm just putting in the words and the chords...And in the end if 
you want it tabbed I'll do it...maybe...:)
(This is the way I like tabs to be done:)

B   G            D            A
One way, another day, another falls away
B        G        D       A
One more chance a stance, one last glance

 w/massive distortion!!! (hehehehe)
B       G     D                  A
You see me, I threw away another memory
You see me, I threw away another memory
B                 G
I don't need them anyway
D                     A
I pissed it all away, I threw it all away
B       G     D                  A
You see me, I threw away another memory
B       G    D           A
I met a man, he shoke my hand
B          G    D           A
I met this girl,  she wants to see the world
B       G               D         A
I don't understand that crazy old man
B          G    D                    A
I threw it all, I threw it all away, I threw it all away

B                    G
I don't know what to say or do, 
  I don't know what to say cause I've been following you
B             G              D
Its just this same old town, we've been walking around

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Everything is like you B G A I don't know where to go, I go, Just go away B G D I just want to see, the things I've never seen A I've never ever seen D A B G You saw it walk away, why did you let it walk away D A B You let the light go out, why did you let it burn out G I burn out D A B G I saw a dime, I saw you cry, I saw lie to my face D A B G I picked you up and I put you in a scared place B G D A (sped up and played for about 4 times) B G D A I try, I try, I tried B G D A I watch, you watch, the television B G D A I saw, I saw, I saw your wings B G D A I saw the clock, I'm two hours late, I'm two hours late end with noise and feedback -there you go, sorry it took so long... I just never had the time to do it. If you ever want any other M'lod tabs, just let me know and I'll hook you you up phat :)

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