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группа Mission, Табулатура песни Deliverance

Группа: Mission - другие аккорды (21)
Табулатура песни: Deliverance
Просмотров: 1252


#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
                        Deliverance -The Mission (UK)

  'Deliverance' is one of the few Mission songs I really enjoy, so
I've tabbed it out for you.  There should be a few notes at the end of
the transcription where I've found stuff a bit difficult to hear, or
I'm not sure whether what I've tabbed is anything like what is on the
  I've had a stab at guessing the basslines, but I don't have a bass,
so all I could do was follow it with power chords.  By the way, this
adds another dose of bollocks onto the song, which is good, right?

  Anyway, the song starts with a palm muted D pattering in the
background, and then the guitar comes in:-

  [as always spacing does not equal exact timing, so listen to the record]


G----12---12---12---12---12  (back to start)

The bass goes:-

D--------3---5--   occasionally

  Then the song really starts, and the guitar plays a pre-verse thing,
which occurs later in the song.


  The last time thru, it plays something like:-


     'where 10# means bend up 1/2 tone without striking note, strike
note, and release (ie semitone ghost bend)

  By this time, the bass is thumping thru:-

         D    F G F G  'after two times thru it goes UP to the F & G,
                        rather than down.

  Verse riff:-


G------7----------    'This bit to the right is a little suspect

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A--------7--8--10- The bass plays the same as in the pre-verse. Chorus riff:- Okay, this is what I play, which sounds okay over the record, but I'm sure as hell it's not what's actually there. It's very quiet, quite quick, and the bass is booming out along with the drums masking it all, making it really difficult to hear. e-10----8-|-8----8-|-10----8-|-10----12- B---8-10--|--8-10--|---8-10--|---8-10--- I think the bass goes something like:- D C G F at 'Give me...Give me...' D C G F [FGBbG] at 'Brother...Sister(s)...' That leaves the two little riffs that only get played twice each in the song:- First riff:- e---------------|---------------|------------- B-8--10--8--8\6-|-8--10--8--8\6-|8--10--8--8\6 ) bend up whole tone e-----------8--10/- B-8--10--11-------- The other riff:- )1/2 )1/2 )1/2 e-10-12/--10--8--10-|-10-12/--10--8--10-|-10-12/--10--8--10-| B-------------------|-------------------|-------------------| e----------------- B-10--11--8--10--6- These appear twice each in the song, straight after each other. After that the guitar plays D5, C5, G5, and then goes on to something else which I've already described. As I mentioned before the, the chorus riff is REALLY suspect, and I'm sure I'm wrong. If anyone can help, then please mail csaniaw@dcs.exeter.ac.uk with any corrections or hints. The last part of the verse riff is kinda hard to catch also, so that's probably wrong, but is sounds okay anyway. I think that's it. Any corrections would be welcomed, so please mail me. Have fun... __________________________

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