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группа Radiohead, Аккорды песни Exit music (for a film)

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    Аккорды песни: Exit music (for a film)
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    "Exit Music"
    Capo on 2nd fret.
    All chords have been renamed according to the capo for 
    easy playing along use.  For example...Am --> Bm; Bsus2 
    --> Asus2, etc. etc.  The chords aren't especially hard
    to play, but many of them are inverted and have different
    roots, etc. so that's kind of a trip, but if you can't
    play the chords as tabbed out, just kind of strum along
    as best you can and it sounds alright anyway.
    Am:       002210
    Asus2:    002200
    Asus4:    002230
    E:        022100
    D7sus2/C: x3x210
    D/F#:     2x023x
    D/F:      1x023x
    A/E:      002220
    Bbm:      x1332x oR [6x558x]*
    C/F#:     2x021x
    B:        x2444x
    F:        1332xx
    Bb:       x1333x
    Em:       022000
    *the '8' is not played the first time but is lightly 
    played and not too audible the second time...btw, this
    formation sounds way better...
     [---------- x2 --------------------] then play first half x2
      Am                       Asus2 Asus4
    Am              E
    Wake, from your sleep,
        D7sus2/C       D/F#
    The drying of your tears,
    Am          E          Asus4  A
    Today, we escape, we escape.
    Am           E
    Pack and get dressed,
    D7sus2/C      D/F# D/F
    Before your father hears us,
    Am         E           Asus4  A
    Before all hell breaks loose.
    Bbm           C/F#
    Breathe, keep breathing,
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    Asus2 Am Asus2 Asus4 Am E Don't lose, your nerve Bbm C/F# Breathe, keep breathing, Asus2 Am Asus2 Asus4 Am E Em I can't do this alone. Sing us a song. A song to keep us warm, There's such a chill, such a chill... (also w/ -Riff A- see below) Am B And you can laugh E F A spineless laugh F Bb E We hope your rules and wisdom choke you. Am E And now we are one D7sus2/C D/F# In everlasting peace Am E Asus4 Asus2 We hope that you choke that you choke. Am E Asus4 Asus2 We hope that you choke that you choke. Am E Asus4 Asus2 We hope that you choke that you choke. --- Riff A: (The following is all trem. picking with chorus.) e------------------------------------------------------------------------ B--15---17--18---14---12----14---15----8---4----7---8-3-5----7-13--11--8- G------------------------------------------------------------------------ D------------------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------------ And you can laugh A spineless laugh We hope your rules and wis-dom e------------------------------------------------------------------------ B-9----11------12---14-12-11-----10-----------9---8------7--------------- G------------------------------------------------------------------------ D------------------------------------------------------------------------ A------------------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------------ Choke you and now we are one in ever-lasting pea-ece We hope that you e------------------------------------------------------------------------ B-2-------------5------4-----3--------------2---------------------------- G----------------------------------------------------------4------------- A------------------------------------------------------------------------ D------------------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------------ choke that you choke. We hope that you choke that you choke.

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