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группа Ministry, Табулатура песни Dead Guy

Группа: Ministry - другие аккорды (18),   фотографии (2)
Табулатура песни: Dead Guy
Просмотров: 1591


#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
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Date: 06 Feb 96 16:13:56 -0500
Subject: TAB: "Dead Guy" by Ministry

Dead Guy        by Ministry
                from the album "Filth Pig"
                words and music by Al Jourgensen and Paul Barker
                tabbed by Tom Mallon
Note: Anything I've read about this album so far says that the whole thing is
done with guitars tuned down to D. However, this song appears to be in 
standard. It might be a little easier to play in Dropped-D, so you can drop
it if you want, it'll sound the same. I don't think all the guitars on the 
album are tuned to D, because I've also figured out "Lava" and that's in
Intro Riff (Also used after "I'm/you're the dead guy!") 
A harmonic at the 4th fret is played in the background here and in a few other
places in the song.

E |-----------|-----------------
B |-----------|-----------------
G |.---------.|-----------------
D |.-7-6-5-4-.|-----------------
A |--7-6-5-4--|-----------------
E |--5-4-3-2--|--2p0-2-2-0h2-2--
Main Riff
E |--------------------------------------------------
B |--------------------------------------------------
G |.-------------------------------------------------
D |.--4-4-2-4----4-4-2-4----4-4-2-4--4-4-------------

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A |---4-4-2-4----4-4-2-4----4-4-2-4--4-4------------- E |---2-2-0-2----2-2-0-2----2-2-0-2--2-2-0h2-0-2-0--- E --------------------| B --------------------| G --4/5--------------.| D --4/5--7/88---3/5--.| A --2/3--7/88---3/5---| E -------5/66---1/3---| Wah Riff (:49),(2:11) (Tremolo pick all these. Listen to the album for the timing. These are not spaced correctly, but close together for space's sake. They are in actuality way far apart.) E -------------------------------------------------------------- B -------------------------------------------------------------- G --6------7------/12----11----9/11----6---7---4---5---6-------- D -------------------------------------------------------------- A --4------5------/10----9-----7/9-----4---5---2---3---4-------- E -------------------------------------------------------------- Outro Wah Riff (Same deal. For the rhythm, just use the F#5-E5-F#5 part from Main Riff.) E |------------------------------| B |------------------------------| G |.--6---8----/13----9----11---.| D |.----------------------------.| A |---4---6----/11----7----9-----| E |------------------------------| -- |Fidonet: Burning Inside 1:273/929 |Internet: Burning.Inside@273-929.mx1.fidonet.org | Standard disclaimer: The views of this user are strictly his own.

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