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группа Metallica, Табулатура песни Seek And Destroy

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Табулатура песни: Seek And Destroy
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#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From uunet!think.com!rpi!adamkp Thu Oct 15 13:39:36 PDT 1992
Subject: Seek_&_Destroy.tab
Message-ID: <=dzzm9l@rpi.edu>
Nntp-Posting-Host: rs6108.ecs.rpi.edu
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1992 21:31:55 GMT
Lines: 217

Well, since I've gotten quite a bit of stuff from this newsgroup, and the ftp

site at ftp.nevada.edu I figured I should return the favor.  So here's Seek & Destroy

from Metallica's first album.  I typed this in without permission from the

Tablature book for Kill 'Em All, I  think it would be best if you bought it if

you want to learn everything on the album, it also has a poster in it.(big deal.)

By, the way, I want to put this on the nevada ftp site, so can i just go and

'put' it there?  If so, where does it go?  New this week directory or the

Metallica directory?  So anyway, without any further ado.......

                              *  SEEK & DESTROY  *

     G5           A5          C5          D5          F#5         F5

e|--------|   e|-------|  e|-------|  e|-------|  e|-------|  e|-------|
B|--------|   B|-------|  B|-------|  B|-------|  B|-------|  B|-------|
G|--------|   G|-------|  G|---5---|  G|---7---|  G|----6--|  G|----5--|
D|----5---|   D|---7---|  D|---5---|  D|---7---|  D|--4----|  D|--3----|
A|----5---|   A|---7---|  A|-------|  A|-------|  A|-------|  A|-------|
E|--------|   E|-------|  E|-------|  E|-------|  E|-------|  E|-------|

   G5(V)           A

e|-------|    e|-------|
B|-------|    B|-------|
G|----7--|    G|---2---|
D|--5----|    D|---2---|
A|-------|    A|---0---|
E|-------|    E|-------|

Riff A.  (Play 8 times)

e|| ---------------------------------|--------------------------------- ||
B|| ---------------------------------|--------------------------------- ||
A|| -0---0-----------------0---------|--0---8---7--------7------------- ||
E|| ---------------------------------|--------------------------------- ||
     ^   ^                 ^            ^   ^   ^        ^
      P.M.                P.M.             P.M.         P.M.

Riff B.


Rhy. Fig. 1   (Play three times)

                 G5  A5  G5  A5
e|| -----------------------------|---------------------------- ||
B|| -----------------------------|---------------------------- ||
A|| ---------------5--7--5--7----|---------------7--5--------- ||
E|| -0--0--0--0------------------|--0--0--0--0----------7--6-- ||
     ^  ^  ^  ^                     ^  ^  ^  ^
        P.M.                           P.M.

Riff C.      (Play twice)

e|| ---------------------------------|--------------------------------- ||
B|| ---------------------------------|--------------------------------- ||
A|| ---------------------------------|-----------------------------7--- ||
E|| -0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---|-0---0---0---0---7---6----------- ||

1st, 2nd,  3rd verses  with Riff. C

1st :   Scanning the scene in the city tonight,
        We're looking for you to start up a fight.
        There's an evil feeling in our brains,
        but it's nothing new. You know it drives us insane.

Pre-Chorus :  Running.  On our way. Hiding.  You will pay.  Dying 1000 deaths.

Chorus     :  Searching.......   Seek and destroy

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2nd : There is no escape and that's for sure. This is the end we won't take anymore. Say goodbye to the world you live in You've always been taking, but now you're giving. 3rd : Our brains are on fire with the feeling to kill And it wont go away until our dreams are fulfilled, there is only one thing on our minds. Don't try running away 'cause youre the one we will find. Rhy. Fig. 2 C5 A C5 D5 C5 ----------- ----- | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | / / / / / / / Rhy. Fig. 3 (Played during chorus) G5(V) F#5 F5 Fill 1 e|| ---------------------------------| B|| ---------------------------------| G|| ---7--5--------------------------| D|| ---------7--6--5-----------------| A|| ------------------7--6--5--------| E|| ---------------------------------| Rythm Fill 1 e|| ---------------------------------| B|| ---------------------------------| G||.---------------------------------| D||.--5--------7---------7-----------| A|| -----0--0------0--0------0-------| E|| ---------------------------------| Substitute Rhythm Fill 1 (2nd 3rd and 4th times) e|| --------------------------|-------------------------|----------------------| B|| --------------------------|-------------------------|----------------------| G||.--------------------------|-5-----------------------|-4--------------------| D||.-5---7------7--------7----|-5--------7--------7-----|-4-------7--------7---| A|| -0---0---0-----0--0-----0-|----0--0-----0--0------0-|----0--0----0--0---\--| E|| --------------------------|-------------------------|------------------sl\-| ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ P.M. (all the marked notes) e| ------------------------------ || B| ------------------------------ || G| ------------------------------.|| D| ----------3--2--0-------------.|| A| -3--2--0-----------3--0------- || E| ------------------------------ || ^ ^ ^ P.M. Rhythm Fig. 4 e|------------------|--------------------|------------------|------------------| B|------------------|--------------------|------------------|------------------| G|------------------|--------------------|------------------|------------------| D|------------------|-5------------------|-4----------------|------------------| A|-5h7---7------7---|-5-------7------7---|-4------7------7--|-------3-2-0------| E|-----0---0--0---0-|---0--0----0--0---0-|---0--0----0-0--\-|-3-2-0-------3-0--| sl\ Rhythm Fill 2 Rhythm Fill 3 e|-----------------|------------------------------| B|-----------------|------------------------------| G|-----------------|------------------------------| D|-9---------------|-4-----------------7sl5-------| A|-7-----------7---|-4-----------------7sl5-------| E|---0-0-0-0-0--\--|-2--0--0--0--0--0--5sl3--0--0-| sl\ Notation : P.M. = palm mute, sl = slide, h = hammer on, p = pull-off Notes: To get the correct rhythm, and to figure out what part gets played where, I suggest you listen to the song. When I play this it sounds best when played on the bridge pickup on my guitar. But thats just my opinion. Ohh, almost forgot, I didnt type in the solo, if you want it e-mail me, I might type that in too. I didnt have the time tonight. ******************************************************************************* * Peter Adamkovics * O *BeastieBoysNINRushMetallicaF242PWEI * ********************************** O O *NirvanaTheToastersMinistryPearlJam * *E-mail address: adamkp@rpi.edu *O O*MightyMightyBosstonesSkinnyPuppyRHCP* *Phone:(518) 274-9436 * O O *Jane'sAddictionRiseRobotRise808State* *Amiga: The only computer !! * O *So many groups, so little time * *******************************************************************************

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