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группа Metallica, Табулатура песни Call Of The Ktulu

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Табулатура песни: Call Of The Ktulu
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From uunet!van-bc!ubc-cs!newsserver.sfu.ca!shinyash Wed May 13 15:52:07 PDT 1992
Subject: Re: Call of the Ktulu tab
Message-ID: <1992May12.185232.11092@sfu.ca>
Sender: news@sfu.ca
Organization: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C., Canada
Date: Tue, 12 May 1992 18:52:32 GMT
Lines: 50

I guess my first posting of this didn't work, but here it is. 
I hop it worked this time.

By popular demand, some bits and pieces of CALL OF THE KTULU.
Most of it was written by Dave Mustaine, by the way.

About the tab, the vertical lines don't represent bar lines, but little 
"sections", I guess that's as good as I can explain it.

Intro....play each part twice....


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The next part....play it a few times.... ---------0------|---------0------- -------0---0----|-------0---0----- -----5------5---|-----5-------5--- ---7------------|---7-----------7- -0------------7-|-6--------------- ----------------|----------------- The next part....Dave Mustaine used this again in the intro to Hangar 18 -------1-|-------1-|-------1-|-------5- -----3---|-----3---|-----3---|-----3--- ---2-----|---3-----|---4-----|---5----- -0-------|-0-------|-0-------|-0------- ---------|---------|---------|--------- ---------|---------|---------|--------- That's about all I can handle doing, typing in this tab is hell! -- Kaz Shinyashiki "Place the pistol down, give the gun a spin, soon as the spinning stops, shinyash@fraser.sfu.ca now the game starts in." -Dave Mustaine

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