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группа G Love And Special Sauce, Табулатура песни Small Fish

Группа: G Love And Special Sauce - другие аккорды (6)
Табулатура песни: Small Fish
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Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 11:20:48 -0500 (EST)
From: david a piniella 
Subject: /g/g_love_and_special_sauce/small_fish.tab

"small fish" by g. love and special sauce 
             from their album _coast to coast motel_
  intro/bridge                           verse     variation
[ the intro bridge part i have written out here is just a guide, ]
[ really; you get the idea --near the 3 minute mark (a bit before]
[ the "coast to coast to coast" part) he repeats the ascending   ]
[ lick on the D string { D|--5-6-7-5-6-7-5-6-7-| }. the verse is ]
[ just a free strum on the A and D/A chords (sometimes he plays  ]
[ 7th chords (A: x 0 7 6 7 0 | D/A: x 0 7 7 7 8) and sometimes   ]
[ he plays them open --he appregiates them before the "lovin' it"]
[ part.                                                          ]
all the transcriptions (from coast to coast) will have the lyrics, 
since the liner notes don't have 'em.
(ah-hahahahaha ha)
ever since i been a small fish
oh yeah
oh yea-yeah
i'm sitting on the street, man
playing my guitar
looking at all the people
passing by the store
well they don't even know
i'm a small fish for a swim
and they just don't know
where we are to begin

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ever since i been a small fish oh yeah oh cmon ... laa-la-la looka that, (ya got to feel it) lova that, (ya got to love that) pushin it (pushin' it) shoving it, (shovin' it) kicking it, (and we're kicking it) licking it, (and we're licking it) looka that, [ ] cooka that, [ as above ] kicking it, [ ] baking it, [ ] shakin it, [ ] baking it, [ ] i gotta take it, (na-nana naaa) oh i'm gonna take it, [ ] man im gonna making it, [ na-na's continue ] i already made it. [ ] you watch out for the sharks and the barracuda too you watch out for the big fish they all try to eat you you watch out for the fisher man and the hook-line and the sinker and you watch out for the jellyfish, cos they all tentacle get you ever since that i been a small fish, oh yeah ... drummer man (drum solo) we go from coast to coast to coast to coast to coast we go we go from coast to coast to coast to coast to coast i said i go from coast to coast to coast to coast to coast you gotta go from coast to coast to coast to coast to coast yeah and from sea to shining sea ever since that i been a small fish (watch out...) -d. "do you know what it's like to go to school with the maladjusted?" -ted, not theodore, the bellhop.

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