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группа Wishbone Ash, Аккорды песни Ballad Of The Beacon

Группа: Wishbone Ash - другие аккорды (4)
Аккорды песни: Ballad Of The Beacon
Просмотров: 1315

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From:   Peter Eybert [pjoe@charon.muc.de]
Sent:   Saturday, January 03, 1998 8:51 AM

Song:   Ballad of the Beacon

written by Martin Turner, Ted Turner, Steve Upton, Andy Powell.
performed by Wishbone Ash
from "Wishbone Four", 1973
transcribed by Peter Eybert 

         G            C           G       Am7
We'll be leaving this town in the morning
  C                       Dsus4  D
tomorrow we'll be able to see
  G           C           G     Am7
I have seen enough of the city
C                       Dsus4  D 
she's had enough far of me.

Am7       Bm             Em
Say, if I climbed to the mountain
Am7             Bm        Em  
would you still follow me there?
Am7       Bm        Em
Steal me away at an echo
    Am7           Bm        Em
the mountain will always be there

Well, I'm turning my sights on the country
I sold everything that I owned.
heading away from the bright lights
looking for where the wind blows

Say, if I ...



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