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группа Wilcox David, Табулатура песни Chet Bakers Unsung Swan Song

Группа: Wilcox David - другие аккорды (24)
Табулатура песни: Chet Bakers Unsung Swan Song
Просмотров: 1795

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Date: Tue, 4 Nov 1997 09:12:33 +1300
From: "Kean, John" 
Subject: TAB: Chet Baker's Unsung Swan Song  - David Wilcox

Chet Baker's Unsung Swan Song  - David Wilcox
>From "Home Again".

Transcribed by John Kean.

Tuning: CGDGAD
Capo: partial (strings 1 to 5) at 5th fret
Timing: 4/4 with swing

INTRO: (trumpet solo)

 4/4 ,    ,      ,    ,     ,    ,       ,    ,    ,    ,

   ,      ,    ,    ,         ,       ,     ,       ,

    C+2      C9
 My old addiction
F6                       Fm6
 Change the wiring in my brain
         Csus2/E           Am9
 So that when it turns the switches
Dm9                 G6sus4
 Then I am not the same
C+2                                C9
 So like the flowers toward the sun, I will follow
F6                      Fm6
 And stretch myself out thin
                Csus2/E           Am9
 Like there's a part of me that's already buried
Dm9                  G6sus4
 It sends me out into this wind oh

 My old addiction
 Is a flood upon the land
 This tiny lifeboat can keep me dry
 But my weight is all that it can stand
 So when I try to leave just a little
 Just a splash to cool my feet
 Ah that trickle turns out fickle
 Fills my boat up five miles deep

      C+2                      C9
      ,     ,     ,     ,      ,     ,     ,     ,

   F6                        Fm6
   ,     ,     ,     ,       ,     ,     ,     ,

   Csus2/E                   Am9
   ,     ,     ,     ,       ,     ,     ,     ,

   Dm9                       G6sus4
   ,     ,     ,     ,       ,     ,     ,     ,

 My old addiction
 Makes me crave only what is best
 Like these just-this-morning songbirds
 Craving upward from the nest
 These tiny birds outside my window
 Take my hand to be their Mom
 These open mouths would trust and swallow
 Anything that came along

 Like my old addiction
 Now the other side of day
 As the springtime of my life's time
 Turns the other way
 If a swan can have a song
 I think I know that tune
 But the page is only scrawl
 And I am gone this afternoon

 C+2   C9   F6   Fm6
         Csus2/E      Am9
 But the page is only scrawl
     Dm9      G6sus4          C+2
 And I am gone this afternoon

C+2       0x5400
C9        0x3400
F6        5x200x
Fm6       5x100x
Csus2/E   4x000x
Am9       9x0400
Dm9       x2x435
G6sus4    7x0405

 John Kean


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