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группа Wilco, Аккорды песни Red Eyed And Blue

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Аккорды песни: Red Eyed And Blue
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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 20:56:19 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Philip X. Senger" 
Subject: w/wilco/red_eyed_and_blue.crd

Red Eyed and Blue by Wilco off the Being There album.
wonderful album brought me through many a strife unhindered.

tabbed by Steven Senger(pxsenger@gvi.net)
THE LYRICS ARE WRONG. I didn't write them down, this is just from memory.

Funny Chords in this song, for me at least...
o:=put finger here
x:=no fingers, no strumming,(no E-string "BEYOTCH")

        A         Asus5(?)         A9(?)      A7        
   ||||||        |||||o         ||||||     ||||||
   ||ooo|        |||oo|         |||ooo     ||o|o|
   ||||||        ||o|||         ||||||     |||||o
   ||||||        ||||||         |||o||     ||||||
   x             x              x          x

        D         Dmin          D2(?)
     ||||||     |||||o          ||||||
     |||o|o     |||o||          |||o||
     ||||o|     ||||o|          ||||o|
     ||||||     ||||||          ||||||
     xx         xx              xx

        G               F#min           F
3fr  o---oo         2fr o--ooo          ||||||
4    |||o||         3   ||||||          o---oo
5    |oo|||         4   |oo|||          |||o||

organ plays some sort of A chord...

A Asus5 A Asus5 

repeat above until words...

A           Asus5           A9            Asus5         A         
You've got, solid-state technology   box on the wall   some songs, you can't 

Asus5    A9    A7
afford to play anymore

after last chord play something like...

(high E)

D            Dmin            D2               Dmin          ?A9?
When we came here today We all found something new now I'm red eyed and blue

A Asus5 A Asus5 A

BRIDGE(is that what this is called?):

G F#min F


A Asus5 A Asus5 A9 D

BREAKDOWN!!!1(note the 'one' at the end denoting speed and

might be (--1210---)--|

A A9 A7

A D F#min


Thank you for reading this. Fun song to tab.


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