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группа Wilco, Аккорды песни Pick Up Theange

Группа: Wilco - другие аккорды (89),   диски (6),   фотографии (7)
Аккорды песни: Pick Up Theange
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Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 17:09:05 -0800
From: Michael DeMoor <970010@lab.kingsu.ab.ca>
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: pick up the change: wilco

here's more wilco for your files, you can't get too much wilco	

from AM
by Wilco (jeff tweety)

This is a simple one:

CAPO on 2


                   G     Bm       G            C              
If it's just your heart talking, honey i don't mind

    Am                 G                    C               Am
If you want to call me darling, that's just fine that's just fine

        G             Bm     G               C
If your mind starts wandering it'll fall in line

Am                G                C        Am
When I kiss your cheak dear, everytime everytime.


   G    C               Am
     We used to have a lot of things in common

   G         C              Am
     But you know now we're just the same

   G            C          Am  
     You always had more than i really wanted

   G     C             D             G
    Aw, honey help me pick up the change

instumental break: G-Bm-G-C  Am-G-C-Am

if it's just you're heart talking
i'll listen every time
dear you can talk my ear off anytime, anytime
if my mind starts wandering
it won't be gone long
whenever i hear your heart talking
it's a song, it's a song


 That's about it.  you repeat the chorus after another instrumental 
break. if anyone has 
tabbed those out, i'd love to hear of it, i've tried.

Mike the mailtrucker to the cosmos


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