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группа Wilco, Аккорды песни Misunderstood

Группа: Wilco - другие аккорды (89),   диски (6),   фотографии (7)
Аккорды песни: Misunderstood
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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #

Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 13:11:19 -0800
From: Derek Frenette 
Subject: WILCO


Intro: Severely distorted and bent D and G chords with tape effects. I
feel its easier to bang real hard on a few D's and G's and step on and off
your distortion pedal. TUNE YOUR GUITAR DOWN A HALF A STEP!!!!! 

Verse: There's no real chorus to the song, so...

D    G    D    G    D    G    D    G    D    G ... see where this is going?
This continues for the whole song.


Back in your old neighbourhood,
cigareetes taste so good, 
so misunderstood, 
 you're so misunderstood.

There something there that you can't find,
honest when you're tellin' a lie,
you hurt her but you don't know why,
you love her but you don't know why.

Short and long term goals,
there's a party there and we oughta go to,
if you still love rock n roll, 
if you still love rock n roll.

It's only a quarter to three,
reflecting off of your CD,
you're looking at a picture of me,
starin' at a picture of me.

Take the guitar player for a ride,
cause he ain't never been satisfied,
he feels he owes some kinda debt,
be years before he gets over it.

Fortune inside you're head,
all you touch turns to lead,
you think you might just crawl back in bed, 
the fortune inside your head.

You know you're just a mamas boy,
positively unemployed,
so misunderstood,
so misunderstood.

( Bang real damn loud and yell )
 Repeat: D D D D D D D D 

( Make up two lines , cause I can't understand what the hell Tweedy says. )
So misunderstood,
so misunderstood.
so misunderstood
so misunderstood.

I'd like to thank you all,  for nothin' at all - X 3

I'd ike to thank you all for nothin' 
I'd like to thank you all for nothin, nothin , nothin at all
/Eb)---- ------------------------------------------------------------

End on G.


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