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группа Wilco, Аккорды песни I Got Youo

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Аккорды песни: I Got Youo
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From christopher.gehrz@yale.edu Fri Apr 18 10:32:22 1997
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 12:35:40 -0400
From: Christopher Allan Gehrz 
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: CHORDPRO: "I Got You (At the End of the Century)" by Wilco

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Wilco, "I Got You (At the End of the Century)"
By Jeff Tweedy
©1996 Ampersand Music/Warner Tamerlane Publishing Co./Ver Music (BMI)
From the Reprise recording "Being There"

    D(V)   A(V)...        A(V)    D(V)
E-       | 5            | 5            |
B- (7~7~)| 5            | 5      (7~7~)|
G-  7 7  | 6            | 6       7 7  |
D-  7 7  | 7            | 7       7 7  |
A-  5 5  | 7            | 7       5 5  |
E-       | 5            | 5            | etc.

INTRO: riff x8 [begin big, distorted guitar sound after first 4x]
        [A] Got you and it's all I need [riff]
        [A] Got you and it's all I need
        [F#m] Got you and it's all I need
        [F] Got you...
        [A] Got you and I still believe
        [E] That you are all I will ever need
        It's [A] you!   [riff]
        [A] All...      [riff]
        [A] All the way back in the Seventies [riff]
        [A] You were my little T.V. queen
        [F#m] Your Tarzan and your friend Janine
        [F] Got you...
CHORUS I: repeat
SOLO: verse chords, then [A - C#m - Bm - E - A - C#m - Bm - E - E]
        [A] It's the end of the century [riff]
        [A] I can't think of anything
        [F#m - F#m]
        [F] Except you
        [A] It's the end of the century
        [E] And I can't think of anything
        But [A] you!    [riff]
        [A] All...      [riff]
        [A] All...      [riff]
        [A] I...        [riff]
        [A] Neeeeeed! [over riff x2]
FALSE OUTRO: [riff x2 - A - A - A]

(a)                             (b) [brighter guitar sound]
E-                              E-  5      5  5
B-  5      5  5                 B-    7 5 7    7 5 7
G-    7 6 7    7 6 7            G-
D-                              D-
A-                              A-
E-                              E-

play (a) alone 2x, then with (b) 2x
continue both over repeating A(V) chords [about 8x]
singing "I got you"


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