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группа Weeping Tile, Аккорды песни In The Road

Группа: Weeping Tile - другие аккорды (4)
Аккорды песни: In The Road
Просмотров: 1605

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Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 10:06:28 -0500 (EST)
From: Murray Stevenson 
Subject: CRD: "In the Road" by Weeping Tile (fwd)

In the Road - Weeping Tile
transcribed by Jennifer Whiteford (jwhiteford@trentu.ca)
            and Murray Stevenson (mstevenson@trentu.ca) 

Capo 2

Intro: G Fg Em+ Cg  x2 

G         Fg           Em+    Cg
She calls early in the morning
      G          Fg           Em+  Cg....
about money that I might have spent
it's a classic case of
I don't know where it went
and I want this to read like a letter
and I want it to ring like a phrase
somewhere out in the road
as the sky's last light burns away

You call, I write, I may answer
I may never send anything
and you'll leave and you'll go
it's alright if we don't remember
      Cg  -     D   -    Em      D     C    -
Did I say   I'd stay?    What if I was wrong?
        G          Fe     Em+      Cg             G   Fe  Em+  Cg
I'll be out in the road before you know that I've gone  (x2)

D                                Cg (hammer-on on 4th string)     
And I'm tired, of reflection and warning
D                                  Cg
keeping myself at the centre of it all
D             Cg
we lie out of boredom
D            G  Fe  Em+      Cg     G  Fe  Em+  Cg              
just to stall          the inevitable

You're waking in bed, light a candle
you said you were leaving before the sun
and what does it mean to mean something
and never get anything done
  Cg -    D  -         Em     D           C   -      
I lie  in wait for the better part of the day
      G          Fe          Em+        Cg       G     Fe  Em+  Cg
to be out in the road as the sky's last light burns away  (x3)

        G                Fg                Em+              Cg
      ------           ------            ------           ------
      ||||||           ||||||            ||||||           ||||||
      |o||||           o|||||            |oo|||           ||o|||
      o|||oo           ||||oo            ||||oo           |o||oo


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