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группа War, Аккорды песни Why Cant We Be Friends

Группа: War - другие аккорды (3)
Аккорды песни: Why Cant We Be Friends
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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 18:38:05 -0500
From: Jorge Valente 
Subject: CRD: Why Can't We Be Friends by War

These progression are done from memory, so if it doesnt sound 100% right
try using seventh cords or something like that. It go something like this
				by War	
N.C.	   Bb	
Why cant we be friends

Why cant we be friends

Why cant we be friends

               Cm7           Cm7/F
Why cant we be friends

(Eb) I seen you around for a l(D)ong long time 
(Cm7) I remembered you when you dr(Cm7/F)ank my w(F)ine


(Eb) Sometimes I dont speak (D) right
(Cm7) BUt yet I know what I'm tal(Cm7/F)king ab(F)out


(Eb) I saw you standing on the welf(D)are line
(Cm7)I see you in it e(Cm7/F)very t(F)ime


(Eb)I saw you walking down in CHi(D)natown
(Cm7) I called you but you did not look(Cm7/F) ar(F)ound


(Eb) The color of your skin dont m(D)atter to me 
(Cm7)As long as we can live in har(Cm7/F)mon(F)y

(Chorus)(Repeat and fade....)

done by Jorge V.  Anybody out there know П Think I Love You" by Partridge


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