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группа Wall Of Voodoo, Аккорды песни They Dont Want Me

Группа: Wall Of Voodoo - другие аккорды (2)
Аккорды песни: They Dont Want Me
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Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 10:58:33 -0800
From: Peter Mosinskis 
Subject: TAB: Wall of Voodoo, "They Don't Want Me"

Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 10:48:03 -0800
From: PMosinsk@lmumail.lmu.edu (Peter Mosinskis)
Subject: TAB: They Don't Want Me, Wall of Voodoo

They Don't Want Me
by Wall of Voodoo
submitted by Peter Mosinskis

Wall of Voodoo was in my opinion  one of the most interesting bands of the
1980's.  The guitarist (Bruce Moreland, I think) now plays in acclaimed
Pretty &
Twisted, with Johnette Napolitano (of Concrete Blonde fame).  Stan Ridgway,
singer/songwriter extraordinaire, is an accomplished solo artist and has a new
band called Drywall.  Check out their new album, I forgot the name, but I hear
it's reminiscent of Wall of Voodoo.

This song is an A-side from  "Call of the West", on IRS records, released
1980-something.  It is on the same album with their smash hit, "Mexican Radio".
The guitar should be played with sharp, heavy distortion over a drum-machine
sounding rhythm.  Listen to the song, the beat is quite simple.

(I haven't played this in a while, so I don't remember the exact key, but the
progression can be transposed to any key, I suppose).

Strum eighth notes, medium tempo:

B B B B B B B B | G G G G G G G G | A A A A A A A A | A A A A A A A A |

They don't want me
They used to want me
But they don't want me...Anymore

I used to belong
Now I don't belong
It's not the same song...Anymore

We used to play games
We used to trade names
But we don't play games...Anymore

Cause' they don't want me
They used to want me
But they don't want me...Anymore

B                  G   A
And now I'm all alone
B                           G          A
No one left to help chip the stone
B                             G                    A
And now this awful weed begins to grow
'Cause they don't want me.


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