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группа Walker Jerry Jeff, Аккорды песни The Duman

Группа: Walker Jerry Jeff - другие аккорды (3)
Аккорды песни: The Duman
Просмотров: 1109

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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.#

Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 17:19:03 -0500
From: "Clifton K. Prince" 
Subject: CRD: w/walker_jerry_jeff/dutchman.crd


   The Dutchman by Michael Peter Smith
   as performed by Jerry Jeff Walker on "Hill Country Rain"

   Standard E tuning. Capo at 3rd fret.


   ||:  G  GM7  G6  GM7  :||

---Verse 1------------------------------------------------------------

       G                   GM7
   The Dutchman is not the kind of man

      G6                    GM7           Am
   to keep his thumb jambed in a dam that holds his dreams in.

       D                             G       Em
   But that's a secret only Margaret knows.  |

        G            GM7
   When Amsterdam is golden

          G6               GM7                   Am
   in the morning Margaret brings him breakfast. She believes him.

      D                                   G      Em
   He thinks the tulips bloom beneath the snow.  |

               Am             D             Bm
   He's mad as he can be, but Margaret only sees that sometimes.

                 Am              D7              G      G7
   Sometimes she sees her unborn children in his eyes.  |


          C         D            Bm
   Let us go to the banks of the ocean,

             C            D               Em
   where the walls rise a-bove the Zuider Zee.

          C     D            Bm
   Long a-go, I used to be a young man.

            C           D7               G    GM7  G6  GM7  G ...
   Now dear Margaret re-members that for me.               [Intro]

---Verse 2------------------------------------------------------------

   The Dutchman still wears wooden shoes.
   His hat and coat are patched with the love that Margaret sewed him.
   Sometimes he thinks he's still in Rotterdam.
   He watches tugboats down canals
   and calls out to them when he thinks he knows the captain,
   'til Margaret comes to take him home again,
   through unforgiving streets that trip him though he holds her arm.
   Sometimes he thinks that he's alone and calls her name. [Chorus]

---Verse 3------------------------------------------------------------

   The windmills whirl the winter wind.
   She winds his muffler tighter. They sit in the kitchen.
   Some tea with whiskey keeps away the dew.
   He sees her for a moment. He calls
   her name out. She makes the bed up, humming some old love song.
   She learned the tune when it was very new.
   He hums a line or two. They hum together in the dark.
   The Dutchman falls asleep & Margaret blows the candle out.[Chorus]


   Intro:  ||:  G    GM7  G6   GM7  :||
   Verses: ||:  G    GM7  G6   GM7  Am   /    D    /    G    Em  :||
                Am   D    Bm   /    Am   D7   G    G7
   Chorus:      C    D    Bm   /    C    D    Em   /
                C    D    Bm   /    C    D7   G    (to Intro)


   some easy open chords:

       Am    002210
       Bm    xx4432
       C     032010
       D     x00232
       D7    x00212
       D7    x30232
       Em    022000
       Em7   020000
       G     320003
       G6    320000  aka G + e in soprano; or simply use Em7
       G7    320001
       GM7   320002

   In this arrangement, the gentle soprano melody do - ti - la - ti
   plays on the upper e-string in the G - GM7 - G6 - GM7 sequence
   throughout the piece, and can easily be plucked between strums.

   "Hill Country Rain", Ryko disc RCD 10241, is an awesome album from
   an awesome performer who has never lost his integrity - instead, he
   generally chose to lose either his wife or his sobriety.

   Anther version of this song in C is available at
   olga.../s/smith_michael_peter/the_dutchman.crd, submitted by Denny
   Straussfogel. My arrangement puts the piece in G (with the chorus
   in C) and then capo's it up to B-flat major, to match Jerry Jeff.

   Transcribed and submitted by Cliff Prince.


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