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группа Vega Suzanne, Аккорды песни Rock In This Pocket

Группа: Vega Suzanne - другие аккорды (30)
Аккорды песни: Rock In This Pocket
Просмотров: 2082

#----------------------------------PLEASE NOTE---------------------------------#
#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: wvaughan@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (William Vaughan)

Here's my version of Suzanne Vega's "Rock In This Pocket".  The
chords I've listed as D/B and D/Bb have more proper names (Bm7
and Bbmaj7 repsectively), but I think this is easier to
understand.  Most of the time, you concentrate on the last four
strings and play the higher strings for affect (listen to SV
doing it acoustically to see what I mean).  Also with the D/B and
D/Bb its OK to hit the open E every once in awhile. Play them for
a half measure each and then the A5 for a full measure in the
verse.  Enjoy


CAPO on 5th Fret !!!!!!!!!  (ie 0 = 5th fret)

D5   x022xx   Bb    1332xx
D/B  2x22xx   Csus2 3x020x
D/Bb 1x22xx   Asus4 022200
A5   022x00   Dsus9 x02200

Intro D5

Verse 1

D/B  D/Bb  A5     D/B D/Bb    A5
        Excuse me     if I may

D/B            D/Bb A5   D/B D/Bb  A5
Turn your attention       my way

D/B   D/Bb A5   D/B      D/Bb  A5
One moment      I won't plead

D/B      D/Bb A5     D/B       D/Bb   A5
It isn't much        its what I need


Bb          Csus2        Asus4
And what so small to you

Bb    Csus2       Asus4
Is so large to me

Bb          Csus2     Asus4
If its last thing I do

Bb       Csus2    Dsus2
I'll make you see

Verse 2 (same)
If you turn from me
You darken my sun
You snap that thin thread
I call my horizon
And I'd like to remind you
Of something small
That the rock in this pocket
Could cause your fall

Chorus twice

Dsus2 Instrumental for a few bars

Verse 3 (same)
I might be out like a light
Extinguished in the throw
But I'll hit my mark 
And you'll know

Because I'm really well acquainted
With the span of your brow
And if you didn't know me then
You'll know me now
You'll know me now

Chorus twice and repeat last line 3 times
Fade with Dsus2 instrumental 


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