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группа Vega Suzanne, Табулатура песни If You Were In

Группа: Vega Suzanne - другие аккорды (30)
Табулатура песни: If You Were In
Просмотров: 2370

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Date: Sun, 6 Aug 1995 17:09:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: John Warren 
Subject: "If You Were in My Movie" by Suzanne Vega

If You Were in My Movie (Suzanne Vega)
When I saw Suzanne play this on Austin City Limits, she used a capo on 
the fifth fret. Also, she didn't play at all during the verses, but on 
the album someone is playing the same pattern that is played in the chorus.


   E     E7   

She plays this riff all the way through the song

If you were in my movie, I'd have you as the doctor
       Riff                      (etc.)
Small black bag and a big black coat
I'd have you make a housecall to the woman
You could lay your diagnostic hand upon her belly and her throat
If you were in my movie, you could be the detective
You could sit behind the desk with a question on your lip
Examine her for motive, investigate the scene
In the ever present danger, keep a holster at your hip

  E           G           ?

If you were in my movie
If you were in my movie
If you were in my movie (riff)

If you were in my movie, you could be the priest
Long black frock, white collar at the neck
You could come to the confession, you could give a girl a thrill
You could save her from her passion, keep her body in check


If you were in my movie, you could be the gangster
Double-breasted pinstripe man with a cigarette
Go running down the alley with a double-crossing blond
Explaining to the jury that you hadn't done anything yet



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