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группа Travis Tritt, Аккорды песни Tell Me I Was Dreaming

Группа: Travis Tritt - другие аккорды (18)
Аккорды песни: Tell Me I Was Dreaming
Просмотров: 1564

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From: Jason Carter 

"Tell Me I Was Dreaming"
from the Travis Tritt album
written by Tritt/Bruce Ray Brown

Intro (simplified):
    A#          Am          G
g+-------------------------------------------------- (4x)

1st verse:
A#     Am           G
When I woke up this morning
A#        Am            G
Wiped the sleep from my eyes
A#      Am      G
Found a new day dawning
A#     Am      G       G/F#
And suddenly I realize
You're gone

C       F     G
Tell me I was dreaming
C        F               G
That you didn't leave me here to cry
C          F             G           Em 
You didn't say you don't love me anymore
           Am           C              D
And it was just my imagination telling lies
F                G              C
Tell me that you didn't say goodbye

2nd verse:
I'm in a state of confusion
I hope things aren't what they seem
If this is really happening
Just let me go back to dream
You're home



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