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группа Travis, Аккорды песни Tied To The 90s

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Аккорды песни: Tied To The 90s
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Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 11:06:36 EST
From: Corrayven 
Subject: CRD: t/travis/tied_to_the_90's.crd

Artist: Travis
Album: Good Feeling
Song: Tied to the 90's
Chord's by Moray Swan

This is the rhythm part to the song,
as I don't do solo's

G     320033
D/F#  200233
D     XX0232
C     X32010
Dsus4 XX0223
Dsus2 XX0220
Em*   022033
(Play everything cappoed up two frets)

intro: G   D/F#  C   D  (*5)

      G       D/F#    C D
We're tied to the 90's(In the middle)

     G        D/F#       C  D
It's terribly frightning

    G         D/F#  C         D
I'm takin' it fast, takin' it slow

       G           D/F#       C   D
There' thunder and lightnin'

     G        D/F#       C   D
It's terribly frightnin'


D    Dsus4 D   Dsus2     D  Dsus4  D  Dsus2
Lord knows,              where it goes

D     Dsus4 D  Dsus2     D   Dsus4   D Dsus2
Well I know,             that if so

I want to tell you


      G    D/F#    C   D
We're Tired of the 90's

      G    D/F#      C   D
Were' tired of the 90's

But we're tied to the 90's

C              D
tied to the 90's

Verse chords, to:
Remember the 80's (they were something)
Worse than the 90's
Stuck in a path, fashion is fast
And nothin' is lastin'
It's all ghetto blastin'



Middle eight:

C                                   G
Oh no, there's nothin' to go on the half past five alive

C                                  G
That's it I'm stayn' in bed till ma hair falls out' evrythin's old

C                              G
That's set a like ma wig and I have myself

D                   C
oh no it's all in ma head

Repeat chorus, sing 'we're tied to the 90's' a number of times, and end.


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