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группа Townshend Pete, Табулатура песни The Sea Refuses No River

Группа: Townshend Pete - другие аккорды (20)
Табулатура песни: The Sea Refuses No River
Просмотров: 1989

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Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 00:36:24 -0400 (EDT)
From: Litgo@aol.com
Subject: CRD: Sea_Refuses_No_River by: Pete_Townshend

The Sea Refuses No River
By Pete Townshend
>From all the best cowboys have chinese eyes, 1982

Originally transcribed by Andy Dennis
updated by

C(no 3)    x35xxx
C6         x322xx or x3221x
C/G.       3x2013
Amaj7      5x665x
D(no 3)    x57xxx
F/A        103211 (use thumb)
Gm         355333 (use thumb)
Gmaj7      3x5432 (use thumb) or 3x443x or 3x0032 (thumb) or x10 9 777


C(no 3)  /   /    /                  
C(no 3)  /   /    /    C6   /   /   /   /
Bb  F


Gm                             Gm    F/A
I remember being richer than a king

Bb                                 Bb  F/A
The minutes of the day were golden

Gm                                   Gm    F/A
I recall that when the joint passed 'round

My body felt a little colder

[10th fret]
Bb      F/Eb    Bb   F/Eb 
Now I'm like a sewer channel


Bb      F/Eb       Bb         F/Eb 
Running lime and scag

Bb      F/Eb       Bb       F/Eb 
Let me get at the master panel

F [5th fret] Fmaj7
Let me at my stack


The sea refuses no river

Em                 D       C         G        C/G   G
And right now this river's banks are blown

The sea refuses no river, Whether stinking and rank

   Gmaj7                      Am
Or red from the tank, whether pure as a spring

        C                        D
There's no damn thing stops this poem

    Am                    F/C 
The sea refuses no river

                           C(no 3rd) 
And this river is homeward flowing

[repeat INTRO pattern]

I have seen a trace of strain, in others eyes not spoken.
I must admit that I enjoyed their pain, but this time it's me that's broken.
I demand for you and his, thus must be the time, when we decide what freedom
turn water into wine.

For the sea refuses no river
Em                      D      C            G      C/G
we're polluted now, but in our hearts still clean,
The sea refuses no river
C/G                      Gmaj7
We tried not to age, but time had its rage, 
Am                             C                        D
We're washed over stones, from babes into clones of the mean,
Am                             F/C 
The sea refuses no river,
                           C5       C6
Won't deny this sulphorous stream.

  Emaj7 [solo]


                         E    Emaj7  E   Emaj7  Emaj7 Emaj7 |

| E    Emaj7  E   Emaj7  Emaj7 Emaj7

                     C(8th fret)     Emaj7     C      

 Emaj7    C                   E  Emaj7...


Am                                          G        C                  G
There was a fool in a dressing robe, riding out the twilight hour,
Am                                          G        C                   
Lonely and cold in an empty home, trying to assess his power,
C       G/F         C         G/F    C       G/F    C     G/F
But now he's like a stream in flood, swollen by the storm.


C          G/F         C        G/F    
He doesn't care if he sheds his blood, 

G            Gmaj7  
let him be reborn


A                                       F#m                          E
  D(add2)  A D/A A
The sea refuses no river, remember that when a beggar buys a round,
D/A                                    D               Amaj7                
The sea refuses no river, when rain fills the gutters, no time for stutters,
Bm                    D                        E             
This is our chance to sing and to dance and to clown.
    Bm                   G/D                           D(no3)           [harm
7th fret]
The sea refuses no river,    and rivers were spring to drown.

C     F

G                            Em
The sea refuses no river, no pecking code 
D         C       G              G C/G G
respected for the damned.
C/G                       C/G              
The sea refuses no river, whether starving and ill,
Gmaj7                   Am               
Or strung on some pill, just cuz you own the land, 
        C                             D
there's no unique hand that plugs the damn.
Am                       F                         C(no3rd)    C6
The sea refuses no river, and the river is where I am..

    Bb       F       G
The river is where I am



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