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группа Townshend Pete, Аккорды песни Behind Blue Eyes

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Аккорды песни: Behind Blue Eyes
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From rumpole.no@spam.mortimer.com Mon May 12 12:49:09 1997
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 09:29:01 GMT
From: kitch 
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: Re: Who? Behind blue eyes. Anyone?

Tony Noon  wrote:

>I am looking for The who's Behind blue eyes anyone Know a reasonable
>Chord and lyric sheet?

====Behind Blue Eyes ==========

========Pete Townshend===Key:Em===Tempo:120===

Play the A2 as 0-0-2-2-0-0  for best effect, & let it ring...

Em                 |G                  |D                  |D

No one knows what it's like to be the   bad man             to be the

C                  |C                  |A2                 |A2

sad man                                 behind blue eyes

Em                 |G                  |D                  |D

No one knows what it's like       to be hated                    to be

C                  |C                  |A2                 |A2

fated                        to telling only lies.              But my

C                  |D                  |G                  |G

dreams                   they aren't as empty                      as

C                  |D                  |E                  |E

conscience          seems           to be                          I

Bm                 |Bm                 |C                  |C

hours                             only lonely                  my love

D                  |D                  |A2                 |A2

vengeance                  that's never free.

A2                 |A2                 |Em                 |G

                                        No one knows what it's like to

D                  |D                  |C                  |C

these feelings                   like I do                       and I

A2                 |A2                 |Em                 |G

you                                        No one bites back as hard
on their

D                  |D                  |C                  |C

anger                        none of my pain and woe
can show

A2                 |A2                 |C                  |D

through                         but my dreams                 they
aren't as

G                  |G                  |C                  |D

empty                             as my conscience            seems to

E                  |E                  |Bm                 |Bm

                                 I have hours                    only

C                  |C                  |D                  |D

                             My love is vengeance               that's

A2                 |A2                 |E                  |Bm

E                  |Bm        A        |E                  |Bm
                                              When my fist clenches,
crack it

E                  |Bm        G        |D                  |Bm
open,      before I use it and lose my cool.       When I smile, tell
me some

D                  |Bm        A        |E                  |Bm
bad news   before I laugh and act like a fool.

E                  |Bm        A        |E                  |Bm
               If I swallow anything evil,         put your finger
down my

D                  |Bm        A        |D                  |Bm
throat    and if I shiver, please give me a blanket, keep me warm, let
me wear

E                  |E                  |Em                 |G

your coat.                               No one knows what it's like
to be

D                  |D                  |C                  |C

the bad man,                 to be the sad man

A2                 |
blue eyes. [end]


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