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группа Taylor James, Аккорды песни You Make It Easy

Группа: Taylor James - другие аккорды (55)
Аккорды песни: You Make It Easy
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You Make It Easy
(James Taylor) 1975

Gosh almighty baby. Yes indeed [ Dm7 G7, Dm7 G7 ]
You supply the satisfy and I'll supply the need [ Em7 A7, Em7 A7 ]
I can't help the way I feel tho' I know just where it leads [ Am7 D7, Bm7 E7
You make it easy, yes you do [ Em7 A7, Em7 A7 ]
For a man to fall, for a man to fall [ Dm7 G7, A7 ]

Heaven knows I love my woman, [ Dm7 G7 ]
we're just bound to fuss and fight [ Dm7 G7 ]
And I wind up on this barroom stool [ Em7 A7 ]
buying drinks and keeping tight [ Em7 A7 ]
But you know I've never done [ Am7 D7 ]
what's come in my mind tonight [ Bm7 E7 ]
You make it easy just sitting there looking good [ Em7 A7, Em7 A7 ]
For a man to fall, for a man to fall [ Dm7 G7, A7 ]

Now me and my wife, [ Dm7 ]
we've got the rest of our life [ Em7 A7 ]
To make this thing right [ Dm7 G7 ]
But you and me will only see tonight [ Cmaj7 Dm7 Am7, Em7 ]

So baby, won't you turn me down and point me out the door [ ||: Dm7 G7 :|| ]
I'll head home and sleep it off just like everytime before [ ||: Em7 A7 :|| ]
You keep on lookin' good my way, [ Am7 D7 ]
I won't hold out anymore [ Bm7 E7 ]
You make it easy, you sure do make it easy, babe [ Em7 A7, Em7 A7 ]
For a man to fall, for a man to fall [ Dm7 G7, A7 ]
 [ Em7 A7, Em7 A7, Dm7 G7, A7 ]


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