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группа Taylor James, Аккорды песни Walking On The Moon

Группа: Taylor James - другие аккорды (55)
Аккорды песни: Walking On The Moon
Просмотров: 1961

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macon@gallifry.Berkeley.EDU (Glen Macon) writes:

>                                                                       085

>Title:				COUNTRY ROAD			(James Taylor)

>		I have seen a heavenly band full of angels
>		And they're a comin' to set me free
>		I don't know much about the wild wind
>		But I can tell that it's bound to be

Again, I think these lyrics are really:

	I can lead a heavenly band full of angels 
	and they're comin' to set me free
	I don't know nothin' 'bout the why or when
	But I can tell you that it's bound to be

At least that's what my TAB at home looks like...



					 my .sig is in the shop for repairs. 


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