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группа Taylor James, Аккорды песни Suite For 20g

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Группа: Taylor James - другие аккорды (55)
Аккорды песни: Suite For 20g
Просмотров: 1821

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Subject: suite_for_20g
Artist: james_taylor

"Suite for 20G"
Words and Music By James Taylor

Transposed by Victor Sciggs
This is my first posting.  I hope it helps others out there who have been looking 
for the chords to this song. I'm doing it from the song I remember in my head.  I believe it's pretty close.  The funky stuff at the end I am working on and will post when I figure it all out.  Let me know if any changes are needed

G        Em        Am             D      
Slipping away what can I say

G	  Em             C           Cmaj7 Am    
Won't you stay inside me month of    May

G           Em    Am      A5           D        G         
And hold on to me golden day, slippin' away

C/Cmaj   Am  A5   D
Sunshine on my wall

G          Em          Am         D/G
to keep my mind on the things I'm saying

C/Cmaj     Am A5  D    G          Em             C      Am    
Footsteps in the hall to tell me I've been this way before

{Second Verse}
G      Em         Am   D 
Let it rain sweet Mary-Jane

G      		 Em        C   Am     
Let it wash your love down all around me

G	Em	C	D	    G	
Come inside and put it down. Let it rain

G		 F		C	   D   G
I've been trying hard to find a way to let you know

G    C		    F	  C    F   C   G  C/G		
That we can make it shine most all the time

G    		     F	               C       D       G
This time 'round I'm searching down to where I used to go

G    C		    F	 C  F    C  G  C/G
And it's been on my mind to make it shine

C       Bb    F          G
You can say I want to be free

Bb    F                   G
I can say some day I will be

{Get Funky. R&B type strum. Think James Brown}
When I catch a common cold

I want to hear a saxophone
When I let the good times roll
Slide me a bass trombone
G7               Bb
Walk me down old funky street
C     	          Eb
Lord knows I feel good enough to eat
G7      A     Bb                C7
Hold my soul. I sure am fond of my rock and roll

When I go to sleep at night

I want to hear a slide guitar
When I'm feeling loose and right
Riding in my automobile
Boney Maroney and Peggy Sue
Rocking pneumonia and boogey-woogey flu
Hold my soul. I'm sure enough fond of my rock and roll
Good God

"When the fox is chasing your sleigh;
toss him a raisin cookie...but don't stop to bake a cake."

(From the tv series "Banechek" starring James Prepard)


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