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группа Taylor James, Аккорды песни Places In My Past

Группа: Taylor James - другие аккорды (55)
Аккорды песни: Places In My Past
Просмотров: 991

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Places In My Past
(James Taylor) (c)1971

Cmaj9 - - - F/G - - -
          Cmaj9        Am7, Am7 Em7 F 
There are ladies in my life
Dm7    F/G             Cmaj9
Lovely ladies in these lazy days 
             Am7   Cmaj9  D7
And though I never took a wife 
      G               Dm7      Fmaj7  Em7    F F/G
May I say that I have loved me one or two 

       Cmaj9        Am7, Am7 Em7 F
Of the people in my past
Dm7        F/G     Cmaj9
Fading fac-es in a waking dream
                Am7   Cmaj9       D7        G
And though they never seemed to last very long 
          Dm7   Fmaj7       Em7
There are faces I     remem-ber 
         F      F/G    Cmaj9
>From the places in  my past 
         F      Dm7       G/A
I said, all the dead-head miles 
        Dm7               G
And the insincere smiles 
Em7              Am7      Em7           F      Dm7   F/G G
Sometimes I can laugh and cry and I can't remember why 
    Am Em7   F    F/G
But I still love those 
Cmaj9         Am7, Am7 Em7 F
good times gone by 
Dm7     F/G              Cmaj9
Hold on to them close or let them go 
Am7 Cmaj9     D7
    I don't know 
        G                 Dm7
I just seem to sing these songs 
    Fmaj7   Em7                F    F/G     Cmaj9 - - -
And say I'm sorry for the friends I used to know 
F/G - - - Cmaj9 - - - F/G - - - Cmaj9


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