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группа Taylor James, Аккорды песни Millworker

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Группа: Taylor James - другие аккорды (55)
Аккорды песни: Millworker
Просмотров: 1517

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From: sjohnson@usa.net

Words and Music by James Taylor
(c) 1979 Country Road Music

D      A/D               D          G/D             A/D
Now my grandfather was a sailor, he blew in off the water
D               A/D         G/D           A/D
My father was a farmer and I, his only daughter,
D               A/D                  G/D            A/D
took up with a no-good millworking man from Massachusetts
    D                  A/D         G/D                   A/D       D
who dies from too much whiskey and leaves me these three faces to feed
D Csus2 G6/B A7sus4

A/D               D   G/D             A/D
Mill-work ain't easy; mill-work ain't hard
D                   A/D            G/D          A/D
Mill-work, it ain't nothing but an awful boring job
    D             A/D          G/D                 A/D
I'm waiting for a day dream to take me through the morning
    D             A/D               G/D          A/D            D
and put me in my coffee break where I can have a sandwich and remember

          C(addD)                   G6/B
Then it's me and my machine for the rest of the morning
        Gm/Bb                 A7sus4
for the rest of the afternoon
                    D          C/D D C/D
and the rest of my life

Now my mind begins to wander to the days back on the farm
I can see my father smiling at me, swingin' on his arm
I can hear my grand-dad's stories of the storms out on Lake Erie
where vessels and cargos and fortunes and sailor's lives were lost

Yes, but it's my life has been wasted, and I have been the fool
to let this manufacture use my body for a tool.
I can ride home in the evening, staring at my hands
swearing by my sorrow that a young girl ought to stand a better chance

   C(addD)                      G6/B
So may I work the mills just as long as I am able
    Gm/Bb                    A7sus4              D
and never meet the man whose name is on the label
      C(addD)                   G6/B
It be me and my machine for the rest of the morning
        Gm/Bb                 A7sus4
for the rest of the afternoon
                    D          C/D D C/D
and the rest of my life
A/D:    xx0220
G/D:    xx0433 
Csus2:  x3x03x
G6/B:   x2x03x
Gm/Bb:  x1x03x
A7sus4: x02030
C/D:    xx0010


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