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группа Soda Stereo, Аккорды песни Tratame Suavemente

Группа: Soda Stereo - другие аккорды (11)
Аккорды песни: Tratame Suavemente
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Date: Wed, 31 Jul 96 16:17:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: Oscar Montezuma 

   Date: 31/7/96                    =20
   From: Oscar Montezuma P.
   Transcribed by: Oscar Montezuma P.

                        TRATAME SUAVEMENTE
                                        SODA STEREO

        I wonder why this SODA STEREO section contains only one song. Anyway
here goes another good song from one of the best rock bands of the world
made in Argentina : SODA STEREO.
Song taken from the album LA HISTORIA DE SODA STEREO   =20

Chords :=20

         D       F#m    G      A      Bm     Em   =20
E        0       2      3      0      2      0   =20
B        0       4      2      0      2      2   =20
G        0       4      0      2      4      2   =20
D        2       2      0      2      4      0   =20
A        3       2      3      2      3      0   =20
E        2       2      3      0      2      0=20

1.      D              Fm               G
        Alguien me ha dicho que la soledad
             Bm                A
        se esconde tras tus ojos
        D        Fm                     G
        Y que tu blusa atora sentimientos
        Bm    A =20
        que respiras
        D              Fm                       G
        Tenes que comprender que no puse tus miedos
        Bm              A
        donde est=E1n guardados
        D           Fm          G       =20
        Y que no podr=E9 quitartelos
                Bm              A
        si al hacerlo me desgarras

            G           A                 Fm       G =20
CHORUS:     No quiero so=F1ar mil veces las mismas cosas
                     A          Fm   =20
            ni contemplarlas sabiamente
            G               A          D    =20
            quiero que me trates suavemente

2.(repeat chords used in 1.)
        Te comportas de acuerdo con lo que te dicta=20
        cada momento
        Y esta inconstancia es no es algo heroico
        es mas bien algo enfermo


Guitar Solo

CHORUS (this time repeat 4 times the last line of the chorus)

        G               A         D     =20
        quiero que me trates suavemente   (x4)

the fourth time just when you are in A, follow this change

                   A    =20
        ......me trates

                           Bm    Em A=20
                       suavemente        (x4) end in Bm

* Play with the Fm, at some parts  x44200 sounds better.

    Although this is not perfection is an attempt. You can work on the solo
or and other riffs, but i think this is the basic strumming.
Anyway have fun. If you like SODA STEREO and would exchange material or
information,etc. send me an e-mail to=20


Doubts, corrections, inquires, are welcome to the above address.=20
Diviertanse por el momento y a tocar CARAJO!!!!! =20


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