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группа Silverchair, Аккорды песни Learn To Hate

Группа: Silverchair - другие аккорды (34)
Аккорды песни: Learn To Hate
Просмотров: 1472

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Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 13:23:53 -0200
From: Raphael Cunha 
Subject: TAB: 'Learn to Hate' by Silverchair

Author/Artist: Silverchair
Title: Learn to Hate
Album: Freak Show
Transcribed by: Raphael Cunha
Email: arcunha@tba.com.br

##Dropped D Tuning##

INTRO and Verses:

  Bb5   C5     D    G#                                                        


     F#     G#      D        B5                                               


i wanted to be friends with her too
so my relationship could be the same as yours
i hated everyone just like you
hating you should be introduced as a new law

take the time to learn to hate
come and join the mass debate
take the time, take the time
it's all uphill you've gotta climb

you betrayed all the trust i gave you
now i need therapy to hate a little more
you cannot help me to forgive you
the drugs have given you all kinds of different sores

as you pump drugs into your bloodstream
i sit observing in disgust
hoping that you will finally come clean
so i don't have to use this gun
that's all!
Raphael Cunha


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