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группа Shine, Аккорды песни The War

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Группа: Shine - другие аккорды (1)
Аккорды песни: The War
Просмотров: 1584

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Date: Thu, 15 Feb 96 19:21:33 -0800
From: Stefan Verwijmeren <9024794@edufee.fee.uva.nl>
Subject: The War  by  Shine

Shine : The War   
from their second, and again brilliant album:  Modern Popmusic

transcribed by Stefan Verwijmeren  
Any corrections, comments etc. are welcome.


intro : C / Cmaj7 / Am / G / F / G / C G /     (2x)

C 		     Cmaj7	      Am	
  There's someone at my frontdoor 
	  G             F              G        C   G		
and he's raising his voice: is there anybody home?
C              Cmaj7        Am
  Now there's a question I like, 
        G                  F        G          C   G
kept me up and I have been thinking all night long.

F        G          C      C7       
  Summertime gonna cut my hair now, 
F         G                C     C7  
and ask a friend to die it red. 
F           G             C           C7    
  Spent my days watching girls in the park; 
F        G                    C*
I'm just trying to fill my head.

C      Cmaj7     Am         
  Yes I hate to admit 
       G             F             G      C   G
but I miss you like hell miss you every day.  
C          Cmaj7       Am              
  And yes I hate to be asked 
           G             F             G      C   G
cause everytime they do I don't know what to say

F             G      C        C7       
  I need someone to come and save me, 
F        G                C     C7
when I'm wrapped up in my world.
F           G      C      C7    
  Need someone to poke a finger 
F       G              A
in the places where it hurts.

                       G? (not to sure about this one)	    D                                   
Baby it's driving me mad I need your warm hands back on my head, 
          E	     G        D
hear you say: it's alright alright

(let's rock) A / A / A ...  

C         Cmaj7           Am           
  I felt myself slipping back 
         G           F           G        C      G
I could feel the old man grab me by the throat.
C           Cmaj7           Am           
  He slowly squeezed out the air 
         G           F           G        C      G
made me look like a fool, chokin' every word

F          G       C        C7    
  I know tonight I lost the fight, 
F                   G            C     C7
pulled the blankets way over my head.
F         G            C           C7      
  Had the old man stand guard at the door, 
F            G              A
checked for ghosts under my bed, 

 		      G?				    D
baby it's driving me mad and I don't think I can take it anymore. 
         E           G        D
Hey old man can we cease the war.
         E           G        D
Hey old man can we cease the war.

Cmaj7:0 1 0 2 2 x
C7   :0 1 3 2 3 x

C*   :C   Cmaj7 / Am  G   / F   G C / F   G C /
      | | | |     | | | |   | | | |   | | | |      ( | : hit it once)


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