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группа Shannon Del, Аккорды песни Runaway

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Группа: Shannon Del - другие аккорды (1)
Аккорды песни: Runaway
Просмотров: 3585

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From: rogers@sasuga.Hi.COM (Andrew Rogers)
Subject: Re: REQ: chords for Runaway (del Shannon)

			 (D. Shannon - M. Crook)

(N.B.: The single is sped up a semi-tone and actually sounds in Bbm.)

verse 1 (note that this is the only verse):

	Am                  G
	As I walk along I wonder what went wrong
	      F                             E
	With our love, a love that was so strong
        Am                         G
	And as I still walk on, I think of the things we've done
	   F                              E	
	Together, while our hearts were young


	I'm a walkin' in the rain
	Tears are fallin' and I feel the pain
	Wishin' you were here by me
	To end this misery
	And I wonder
	I wa-wa-wa-wa-wonder
	Ah-why-why-why-why-why she ran away
	       D                     E
	And I wonder where she will stay
	           A        D               A       E
	My little runaway, run-run-run-run-runaway

[instrumental solo 1, over verse chords]

[repeat chorus]

[instrumental solo 2, over verse chords]

[repeat chorus except for last line]

	           A          D               A 
	My little runaway, a-run-run-run-run-runaway
	   D               A
	A-run-run-run-run-runaway	[repeat to fade]


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