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группа Seven Day Jesus, Аккорды песни A Time To Heal

Группа: Seven Day Jesus - другие аккорды (1)
Аккорды песни: A Time To Heal
Просмотров: 1897

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Date: Fri, 07 Nov 1997 22:32:38 -0500
From: David Norwood 
Subject: CRD: a_time_to_heal by Seven Day Jesus

Title: a time to heal 
 Written by: Seven Day Jesus
 Band: Seven Day Jesus
 Album: The Hunger
 CD: Track # 1
 (C) 5 Minute Walk Records
 Tabbed By David Norwood
 E-mail: PlaidFuz@Geocities.com 

 Guitars Tuned 1\2 step down - (Eb,Ab,C#,F#,Bb,Eb)

 Intro: A B E F# G (3x) then A B A
  (Verse 1)
 A                                       G        
 Something's hurting ask me why, ask me why, as I cry
 A                                          G             F#
 Tears are falling, down my face, for the place, where I die
 G           A          B   E F# G, (A B E F# G  2X)  A B A
 whoa whoaho Oh where I die

  (Verse 2)
 A                                    G          F#
 In the morning, it's another lonley day, on my way
 A                                   G        F# 
 He is with me, lift my voice to the sky, everyday 
 G           A              B   E F# G, (A B E F# G  2X)  A B A
 whoa whoaho Oh not just sunday

 G                 D  
 Open up the sky, let your love appear
 G                         Bm     
 To Let me see your eyes, Lord I need only You
 G                    D              G  F#  (To Verse(F#... B)), (To
End(G A B)   
 Only one thing, can heal the hurt inside

  (Verse 3) 
 A                                       G             F#   
 Do you know love, is it real, are you whole in your soul
 A                                     G          F#    
 You can know Him, ask me why, ask me why, as I cry
 G            A               B    E F# G, (A B E F# G  2X)  A B A
 whoa whoaho Oh please don't die


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