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группа Rundgren Todd, Аккорды песни Love Is The Answer

Группа: Rundgren Todd - другие аккорды (6)
Аккорды песни: Love Is The Answer
Просмотров: 1673

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From: Gemal@aol.com
Love Is The Answer/Todd Rundgren

This is one of Todd's signature "anthem ballads" that starts off mild but
then builds into a gospel like chorus with more intensity torwards the
end.Play on accoustic or electric with chorus or echo.

  Am7          Em7                      Am7Em7   Dm7          F
Name your price/ a ticket to paradise./I can't stay here 

F/G          Am7                      Em7
anymore/,and I looked high/ and low 

                           Am7                     Em7
I've looked from shore to shore to shore /.If there's a short cut 

Fmaj7      F/G
I'd have found it,  but 

                   Fmaj7      Esus4
there's no easy way around it. 

               Dm7            Am7    Fmaj7  Em7 Am7         Dm7
(Chorus)Light of the world shine on me love is the answer(let it shine let it

  Dm7            Am7 Fmaj7 Em7 Am7      Dm7
Shine on us all set us free love is the answer

             Am         Fmaj7            Dm                Eb      Db
Tell me are we ALIVE or just a dying planet?( What are the 

Cmaj9                Abmaj7
chances?)Ask the man in your 

  G7                  C
heart for the answers.

Em7                        Am7         Bb           F  
And when you feel afraid     (love one another)
When you've lost your way   (love one another)
When your all alone             (love one another)
When your far from home    (love one another)
When your down and out      (love one another)
when all your hopes run out (love one another)
When you need a friend        (love one another)
When your near the end        (love one another)

Bb            F   Bb                 F   Bb F
Love ,we got to love ,we got to love one another,

Dm7               Am7  Fmaj7 Em7  Am7             Dm7    Dm7            
Light of the world shine on me ,love is the answer-Shine on us 

Am7 Fmaj7 Em7 Am7
all set us free love is 

the answer.


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