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группа Rundgren Todd, Аккорды песни Couldnt I Just Tell You

Группа: Rundgren Todd - другие аккорды (6)
Аккорды песни: Couldnt I Just Tell You
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From: Gemal@aol.com
Subject: Couldn't I just tell you-Todd Rundgren

I haven't seen anythig posted by Todd Rundgren so here's a first but
hopefully not the last.From Marshall Gemal

Lead intro(real simple jangely arpeggio)

b--------------o---- 4---2---o---oo----oo
repeat intro0
D                                                             A B
keep your head and everything will be cool.   You didn't have to 
                                                   Am  A           Am       A
make me feel like a fool-when I try to say, I feel the way that  

F#     E B                                      F# E B
                        E B
I   do.          I want to talk with you.    And make it loud and 
         A                                               B          E
clear    though you dont care to hear, but  couldn't I just tell 
               A                                 B           A              B
   E F#m E    
you the way that I feel, I can't keep it bottled up inside  -and 
                         B                     A
couldn't we pretend that its no big deal and there's really 
       A         B      E    E                                  F#m  E
nothing left to hide.
       D                                                      AB         
Something sure doesn't seem right to me   when you can turn 
                                                                Am A
          Am A
your back whenever you please  and you stroll away calmly bid 
           F#     EB                                     F#EB
me adieu           why cant i talk with you and put it in your ear 
                                    B       E
you dont care to hear but couldn't I just tell you the way that I 
                     B          A               B   E,F#m,E
feel I cant keep it bottled up inside. and couldn't we pretend 
                 A                                 B         A
              B   E          
that its no big deal and there's really nothing left to hide.
   A     Bb   B                              A                           Bb B
(Hear me out) WHY DON'T YOU LEND ME AN EAR, (hear me out )
                        A                         Bb B
YOU GOT NO REASON TO FEAR(hear me out)I'll make it perfectly 
                      F#                   B
clear I love you ooooh oooh ooh.

2nd verse and then outro and then repeat beginning of first verse
 It helps to listen to the song (from the classic Something Anything) and
play it in a  Beatle like style.


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